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Internet Meme for Malaysian: What People Think We Do

I believe many people have seen the trend of creating the 6 boxex internet memes that featuring the good and bad perception of something. I've seen Photographer, Kuala Lumpur, Model and much much more other internet meme. Even I myself created one memes about blogger. The one I am going to show below will surely get you hate and laugh at the same time. Before continue reading, the creator of MelayuCinaIndia.com already said this:

"We created this site to compare what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Malay, a Chinese, an Indian in Malaysia. So feel free to fill in all any of the colums of what your personal opinions are. The intention of this site is to put into perspectives what each race are good at, we don't intend to create racial trouble here. "
Do note that this doesn't mean all the Malay, Chinese, Indian are portrayed as below. I have good friend of different races too. Since I am a Chinese, lets start with own race (comedian always joke about own race first right?)

MEME: Melayu Cina India | TianChad.com
Cina @ 华人 @ Chinese
It's all about the money. People think all Cina is rich but does Indian people really think that's how Cina is? Big 'budget' and camwhore? Hahaha. As long you are Asian, people might think you know Kung Fu. Thanks to Jackie Chan & Donnie Yen for the image. Sorry that I don't recognize the girl in the "What I really am" category. Apparently she is Wendi Deng Murdoch, a rich businesswoman hahaha.

MEME: Melayu Cina India | TianChad.com
India @ 印度人 @ Indian
I highly agree Indian are good drinker. (At least, that's how my friends are) And I don't think 'apunene' like to hold gun. However, I do heard before how parent tell their children not to be naughty, " Boy, if you are naughty again later the India will come and catch you." Yes, I've seen the video in "What I really am" category hahaha.

MEME: Melayu Cina India | TianChad.com
Melayu @ 马来人 @ Malay
The 1Malaysia image just epic. The last picture obviously was photoshopped but then... You know I know!

As quoted through a friend's comment, "Everyone's a bit racist. Embrace it". Would you able to embrace it with open heart? You can always leave your comment at MelayuCinaIndia.com.

If you are smart and able to handle these, you won't start with the word "racist". Racist issue has been always brought up, magnified and being misused on politic issue (especially when the voting season arriving soon). I've registered as voter, how about you? You can always check your SPR Voting Status here. If you haven't register as a voter, please start download the registration form now from Suruhan Pilihan Raya [SPR] Website. You have the power to create a better future. You might not want to think for yourself, but please at least think for your children.

Note: One of the advantages of being Malaysian is we are all talented and able to speak at least 3 languages! What do you think your advantages/disadvantages are? Cheers!

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