Shit Malaysians Say feat Davina Goh & Colin Shafer

If you are always on YouTube and Facebook you might have watch the video "Shit Girls Say" and now there's "Shit Malaysians Say"! Hands up to Colin Shafer and especially Davina Goh that sacrifice her good looks to impersonate (some) Malaysians very well haha! Do watch it if you haven't! Yes they come in a few episodes~!

Starring: Davina Goh
Written by: Colin Boyd Shafer and Davina Goh
Directed and Filmed by: Colin Boyd Shafer

Shit Malaysians Say - Episode 1

Shit Malaysians Say - Episode 2

Shit Malaysians Say |
Davina Goh - A potential Malaysian actor
This is a normal face of her, I guess? haha

Some of the shits Malaysians say:

Shit Malaysians Say |
We "Chut" till the waiter come and serve us

Shit Malaysians Say |
Eat Baskin Robbin for free

Shit Malaysians Say |
Sharing good food WHILE eating with food in mouth

Shit Malaysians Say |
A real life person that can call out all the food on menu
But now foreign worker also can do that

Shit Malaysians Say |
Malaysian's habit throwing rubbish at "Dilarang Membuang Sampah"
Some even create their own dumping zone

Shit Malaysians Say
"I'm on the way now. Traffic jam outside"

Shit Malaysians Say |
Free sugar @ Starbucks
Free sauces @ McDonald/KFC (last time)

Shit Malaysians Say |
Abundant of no-meter-policy-taxi-driver, which I hate the most
Every time when I was forced to take a cab I will try to avoid those "no-meter-policy-taxi-driver" as much as I possible. They charge ridiculously but sometimes you need their service... You can always bargain with them but it is better to say no and pay your friends instead =.="


Shit Malaysians Say |
Colin Shafer's Colinizing  Photography

Colin Boyd Shafer
"I grew up in Canada, and have always loved to travel. I have a passion for experiencing ‘diversity’, and love looking at society through a critical yet appreciative lens.

Currently I lecture in Social Science at a college in Malaysia and write a column for the Malaysian Insider, sometimes funny, sometimes provocative, always about choice! I am also running a program teaching photography to Burmese Refugee children.

My goal is to inspire, and promote deeper thinking through my photographs and writings."
 For more of Colin Boyd Shafer's work check out 'Colinizing Photography' on Facebook.

Shit Malaysians Say |
Pretty side of Davina Goh
Davina Goh

"Davina is a communications graduate and works full-time in event management. However, her overall passion to perform has manifested itself through a plethora of experiences in the Malaysian entertainment scene.

In her free time, Davina pursues sustainable living, animal rights, photography, sports and adventure."

For Davina Goh's fan page check out:
Facebook Page: Davina Goh
Twitter: @duuuhvina

Seems like more and more Malaysian is getting familiar with the social media and  use it to share their thought effectively =) I also figure out some new YouTube Star in Malaysia too. Including young talented singer like Esther and #likealousai Joseph Germani.

If YOU think you are talented in singing, acting, recording, talking that can share through visual channel, start open a YouTube Channel now and show what you've got because that's how people nowadays promote themselves to the world. Trust me it works especially when you want to stand out among the crowd.

If you think you are a talented YouTuber feel free to leave a comment with video link/ email me your good stuff. If it is really good I will definitely share on this space. Cheers!

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