Ed. Pinaud 5th Element Indoor Incense Review

Have you ever thought of how to improve your working environment especially when you are working indoor? Besides listening to classical/relaxing music that can calm your mind, what else can you do? Music can makes you relax, so do incense smell~! Let me share this with you:

EP 5th Element – The Atmosphere’s Mood Incense

What is Ed. Pinaud 5th Element?
"Ed. Pinaud 5th Element is a brand new indoor incense by Edouard Pinaud. With over 181 years of history in France, Ed. Pinaud is at an unreachable status in fragrance and cosmetic industry. Over a century ago, Ed. Pinaud had already stretched across 5 continents from custom made items for French royalties, Great England and other European royalties, to imperial-use product for Japanese Emperor Meiji, Chinese Qing Dynasty, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Egypt. Ed. Pinaud even produced exclusive perfume for the key leaders of South America Independent Liberation Movement.

Pinaud believed that, “Wearing perfume is the symbol of feminine elegance. It is the decorum every lady must bring along with her.” In the same way, Pinaud opined, “A beautiful room should radiate matching fragrance that shows the owner’s fine elegant taste.” In 1850, Pinaud started producing indoor fragrances for home use and a series of aromatherapy equipment."

Among all 12 designs I picked the red color convenient fragrance diffuser

Do note that they are all imported from Paris, France. A country that has been listed as the world's "Best overall health care" provider that I am looking forward to visit in coming years. Ed Pinaud 5th element is also the No.1 brand recognized by Royal and Elite Group around the world!

I do spend a lot of time in my room blogging and surfing the net. Sometimes neighborhood will fry fish during the afternoon and its smell will flow into my room. It does smell good at first but later it made my room stink.

Nobody like to stay in a room with awful smell and I know EP 5th Element can make me feel better. Therefore I picked Cou de Foudre (Rosee d'Iris) and Lotus d'Or (Lotus) two fragrance flavours. Something that is sweet but not too strong to have.

It is really easy to use the indoor incense. All I need to do is to lit it up for 3 minutes then the good smell will last for more than 3 hours. You can always stop it anytime =)

Cou de Foudre (Rosee d'Iris) create pleasant sweet smell that I like and it totally change my room environment to a fresher and nicer atmosphere =) Every fragrance for a particular mood in the 5th element series is the fruit of labour of a professional perfumer. Be it the fine fragrance of flowers, the vibrant fragrance of grass, the natural and sweet fragrance of fruit or the warm and harmonious fragrance of wood, there is a subtle richness of scent that suits any moment, season or mood. t fetches the best ambience to your surrounding and makes your home radiating with enchanting smell. Meanwhile, your body, heart and soul are pampered with more soothing and delighting experience.

As Lotus d'Or (Lotus) is another choice for me to have because I want my room or even the house smell differently. You can choose your favourite fragrance here.

I choose the red convenient diffuser because I like it slim and convenient to take around. You can actually have different kind of diffuser with more elegant and classy outlook. For example in the above picture, it looks like a small vase with artistic painting on it =)

With up to 40 different designs for you to select =)
Too bad I personally think that the vase design is too feminine for me, but surely suitable for lady

If you like to match your aesthetic lifestyle with one of the indoor incense, here's one of it. Simple and fashionable.

Between do you know that 8TV XiaoYu & ManHand are Ed. Pinaud 5th Element Noble Priority Users? =)

Ed. Pinaud 5th Element is one of the ways to improve your quality of life. Not only it improve your ambient but it also makes you feel better by calming your mind! Not forget to mention it's elegant look that can be part of your house decoration too! For more information about Ed. Pinaud 5th Element, visit Ed. Pinaud Official Website & Ed. Pinaud Facebook page.

Ed. Pinaud Corporate Office location:

View Larger Map
Unit 1-10, 1st Floor,
Wisma UOA II,
No.21, Jalan Pinang,
50450, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2166 9808 Fax: 03-2166 3808

Have a wonderful experience with EP 5th Element - Improving your Atmosphere’s Mood by visit Ed. Pinaud booth at Lady Beautiful Fair @ PWTC, KL from 12-14 August 2011. There are some prizes for you to win on that day itself =)

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