LRT No. 130

Today went to KLCC PC fair to buy some stuff that are going to be used soon. Including External Harddisk, Printer's cartridge, Micro SD Card and spare Rechargeable Battery for my digital camera.

Why do I start with a title of "LRT No. 130"?
You will know later ;]

Going out around 1 PM and at the same time Jackson want to go "Da Bao" near LRT there. So we went out together.

The LRT that I took was decorated with KFC's Skin. Full of burgers here and there. And yes the number of this train is 130.
I arrived at KLCC at 1:30 PM. What a coincidence.

Okay, start searching for the stuff I listed out. What I first saw was the hall for laptops buyer. So I would just skipped the first hall by just walking through and use my half-blinded eye to see if there is any good looking model.
Why half-blinded? Cause I lost my glasses and haven't get a new one...
Plus, I hate wear glasses. It is troublesome!

The second hall was for sound system lover where the bass and music were too loud until can be heard outside. I don't need new speakers, so... skip this room.

Now the remaining halls should have what I want.
By comparing price and running here and there.
Found a cheaper 4 GB Micro SD card which cost me RM 60 (Got a free hat, which doesn't looks good for me), a Canon Black color cartridge which cost me RM 50 (Got a nice Canon Photo Album)

After that I bought an external harddisk with case separated. Therefore I need to wait for 20 minutes for them to help me equip the nude harddisk with its case.

So I keep my invoice by folding it again and again and it become a very small piece of paper. And this is when my "amnesia" started to attack...

I spent my 20 minutes by wandering around other halls to learn new stuff. I found a new ink refill system (which I only know today), Pelikan
. And I bought the refill which cost me RM 26 but I'm sure it will help me lengthen the lifespan of the genuine cartridge. ;p

Okay, the time has passed. Going back to take my external harddisk.
Where is my receipt?!
I cant even remember where did I put it as the "amnesia" caught me again.
I have search every pocket, every possible place for it.
BUT I failed...
So, the only thing I can do is by asking the dealer and the company.
"What can you do to help me?"
"Here is the deal, if no one come and redeem the external harddisk by Sunday night. You can call us on our next working day and we will give it to you." answered by her.

Sigh, the only thing I can blame is me myself which always forgot those important things. Maybe that is why I keep take pictures since a few months ago as I got the sense of losing my memory.

What can I do? Going home with depression...
You know what? The LRT that I took is the SAME as I took to go to the PC fair, the "No. 130".
I wonder if this is called fortunate or unfortunate incident...

The only thing I can do now is to hope that the receipt won't be redeemed by others or even being found!!


The lesson for me today is: Don't ever flip your receipt as the smaller the thing is the harder it is to be noticed.

I think I better get myself a doctor to identify the "underlying disease"
If not, I think I might slowly forget everyone including you...


BUT, though I lost my receipt, I still given a chance to wait until Tuesday!
So...Look at the brightside!
This is always a way to make my self think positively.
How about you?


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