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Nap >> Sleep

Yesterday after I ate my dinner.
I decided to take a nap after resting for a period of time.
There it goes my nap.

I always want to set the alarm to wake me up but it seems like my "sub-conscious"
told me not to. (Haha, I'm finding a reasonable excuse~)

As a result, I suddenly wake up at 11 P.M. and I wonder what can I do waking up in the middle of the night?

So....I decided to sleep until tomorrow morning.
And there it is, I had a dream, which I long time didn't have already.
Still wondering what message that the dream want to tell me

Today, wake up at 7 something by the sun-light passing through the window.
And I just decided to take a bath as it was a hot day for me.
Moreover, I had already slept for more than ten hours~!
The ten hours should be really enough to cure my "lazy" mind ;p

I appreciate that I was allowed to sleep for a long time and I feel refreshed ;p
Now I still wondering what is my dream about.

Hmm... I think I better do my lab reportS, group report, study for examS, and many thing else!

Let's start a new day! ^@^
I hope it is a good day for you too

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)