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SunShine TC Bear After Rilakkuma

Not sure if you've seen this giant Rilakkuma at Mid Valley during Christmas Season, my dream is to be able to "Rilak" a.k.a. relax whenever I want. Just like him. Haven't fully recovered from CNY mood and have abandon my blog for a few days. It is just too relax to be at my hometown. Eat, play, relax, sleep, syiok ar~! =)

This is how a SunShine TC Bear enjoying his life. It is my sis's bear with my sunglasses. Nice? ;p Here is another way to become a sunshine boy [CLICK HERE]

Work hard play hard~! I've play hard recently, its time to work hard again! Hwaiting for coming May!

Noticed this cute bear above is now at everywhere, can see it in S&J, Popular Bookstore +++. Congratz to its "successful distribution around Malaysia"?

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