Silva Method Seminar @ Bangsar Utama

Have you heard of Silva Method?

I still remember when I was child my dad got a cassette for that.
I played it and try to practice for the first time.
There is a "Unique Machine Gun Sound" to help you do the mediation actually.
I still remember it need you to imagine you are going down 1 floor everytime with an elevator to relax your body.

It does make you feel good after the session end :)
This is why I am interested in Silva Method

Okay, after I am now in the digital age
With the internet I can get more info about these stuff.

Early in Feb, I went to a seminar for Silva Method Malaysia through FaceBook group
It was somewhere in Bangsar Utama and I can only reach there by using GPS

Parked my car inside a so-called shopping mall

Have my dinner at an expensive mamak Store.
Roti Telur which cost me RM 1.80 ea =.="
Is there any gold hidden inside?
I am not sure if I am at the right place because in 100 people only 2 chinese around there.

The venue quite hidden too.
Called them a few times only know that is the right place.
The building was dark and I am not sure if I should go in or not.
Some more get into this creepy elevator.

But after I reach the place, it is totally different inside.
There is a lot of people and not dark at all ;p

Met few new friends there and saw some of them playing with the "mind-control" stuff

It is actually a small seminar which give us watch a video first
The Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden

She mentioned that our body has unique magnetic field
We can feel week if someone just place his/her hand on the right place.
And some skills to activate our body's healing power

I found it funny when Donna searching for the guy's acupuncture point.
" I think this is your nipple right?", Donna said.
I believe it is actually about the acupuncture points in our body
Searching for the Central Meridian, Governing Meridian, doing the Wayne Cook Posture and so on to make you feel better.

Later on
There is this funny guy that give us do some meditation exercise that somehow make me feel fresh after that
Sometimes I do it my own as I already know that kind of meditation before I go to this talk.

This is the Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

I can't remember his name but I can remember his size ^@^"
I didn't photoshop this photo kay?
That was his real size ...~

He is introducing the video that we just watched and few books about it
I wonder how can someone have a super plus size buttock ;p

After the seminar end around 10 PM ++, met a guy name Alouis that ask for my FaceBook account

At the mean time
I was shocked when I saw the shopping mall is closed...
Even the parking entry was closed too!
My car was inside and I wonder how do I go home tonight...
Wonder who to call and what to do...

Luckily I saw few people coming out from the shop and they tell me how to go to the carpark as the exit for carpark haven't closed
If not I think I need to call a cab already...

What a creepy night I had...


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