Healty Dinner @ NewYork NewYork deli (1 Utama)

Way back to the day I went to watch Dragonball Evolution sponsor by Nuffnang
(Which is mainly focused on Chi-Chi)
Me and Chris have our dinner at
New York New York deli
@ 1 Utama
The day that he want to eat healthy

I like the colourful+artistic menu

Since Chris didn't bring his camera that day
I just lend him mine
Luckily he is also a LUMIX Kakii
So below pictures most are courtesy of Chris

The outlet view

"It's all american, baby!"
Atleast a NewYork Statue was inside

The 'LITTLE' Black Book

That may not 'little' after all!

What is inside the Black Book? :)

DABOMB Pink Inc as one of the quenchers

Chris found his "Angel Drink"
So called "American Lemonade" which is diet friendly

Super Sinful if you eat this one ~(\ . /)~!

The Crazy Dog with 12" long hot dog

A message for Chris
"Stop eating oily food, go for healthy!" ;p

The poser Chris with the 'Little' Black Book + Angel Lemonade
Yeah, he go for healthy drinks :)

I get myself a "Spaghetti Bolognese with Two Meat Balls"
Forgot the HUGE word
It tasted normal but I like the drink

Me with the Spaghetti and "Lover's Sunset" Drink
I always go to try drinks with special name :)
Cos you can't guess what it taste and how it looks

Not forgetting Christ and his food :)
The Burger+Mushroom Sandwich + Angel Lemonade
Both are healthy.
So Christ passed the healthy-dinner-test :)
For that night only la, not sure for nowadays dinner. Haha!

A closer view on the Sandwich/Burger
Rich content inside!

With lots of vege too

Not forgetting the top view :)

What am I doing?
If I remember correctly
There is one Chili stick in my drinks
Is that why it called "Lover's Sunset"?

Red outside, spicy inside.
And You never know how it tasted.

The location of New York New York deli @ 1 Utama is on the receipt.
You can go and try the foods there but it is quite pricey for me

Did I made you hungry? :D


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