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BioCareer Fair/Gathering + A Night In Rome + SOS

On a good hot Saturday, went to the BioCareer Fair which eventually turn out to be "BT UTAR Gathering"
Saw some of my long-time-no-see coursemate :)

At night went to Heineken's A Night In Rome

Met the lovely couple Timothy and Audrey :)
Cam-whored with a lot of bloggers and celebrities~ ^@^~

Saw this lucky guy won the RM20k ++ Rome Trip to watch football!
Congratz :)


(Retrived from http://www.sosmalaysia.org/photo_gallery_2005.html)

SOS stands for "Save Our Seahorses". Founded in 2004, it is a non-profit group commited to saving the seahorse and the Pulai River Estuary in Malaysia. The group comprised scientists, students, local communities and the public volunteers.

HOW it started?

It all started as a conflict between the seahorse and development. Since 1995, massive port development around Pulai River Estuary have destroyed large tracts of seagrass beds, which are home to the Spotted Seahorse, Hippocampus kuda. The Spotted seahorses, which once thrived in the Pulai River Estuary, is losing its habitat as well as numbers. SOS is particularly concerned that they may vanish soon. We do not want the episode to end with extinction.


SOS is fighting to conserve what still remains in the Pulai River Estuary, through collaboration with the government, local communities and developers. The project component encompasses research, education, outreach and information dissemination. An ongoing volunteers program established in 2005 allows the public to experience the wonders of the Pulai River Estuary and at the same time helping to gather scientific data relevant for conservation of seahorses and seagrass ecosystem. Our efforts are to promote sustainable development in the Pulai River Estuary.

When u r reading this post I might be on the way driving to Johor or sleeping in the car XD

Thanks for my kindest superior I ever met
Kenny Lim
For letting me to have few days leaves for doing something beneficial to the nature!
Increase your karma karma! ;p

So I will be MIA for few days till next Thursday.

Will blog whenever there is a free internet connection provided there
Or else, pls feel free to read my old posts?
Just see the pictures already make you tired!

Hope I can enjoy this trp while doing something really good!

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