KLCC PC Fair @ 2009 [Part 1]

On 12th April I went to KLCC PC fair without Marccus this time
In previous year PC fair I saw some new stuffs and of course the ladies :)

On the way to KLCC
Saw people training on "Naruto's Rasengan" XD
No la...It is actually called Silat in Malay right??

I went to Pudu to buy bus ticket and someone gave me this meal promotion
It was Citin Hotel's 2nd Anniversary
Since it is some special thing
Why not go and try?
Luckily I haven't have my meal ;p

I have ordered the Set A - Club Sandwich with a glass of Apple Juice
Keep photographing while waiting for my food

It took a long time for the food to arrive :X
But at least it doesn't disappointed me
There were ham, egg, tomato and cheese inside the sandwich.
Worth it ;p

After I finish and paid the bill, they don't have changes to give me
Why? Because I was their first customer! ~~
Saw this Apple @ Ballon @ 003

After lunch, went to KLCC through Putra LRT
As usual, big crowds of ppl using LRT during KLCC Fair

The first 2 lady I captured down in the PC Fair :)
Intel Ladies~
I saw the lady on left in previous PC Fair.

Did the Intel's "Trivia Test" to get some freebies
I just ask the Guru beside me for the answerS to get the free Notebook ;p
It wasn't hard anyway~

Since it is going to 3.00 pm and there is a "ru sony?" tour
I went for it and stand a chance to win a PSP? A Walkman?
Still remember I was looking for a PSP when I first saw Patapon

All you need to do is just went through the 10 Stations of "ru sony?"
Then u r eligible to participate in the contest.
First Sattion: Let's smile!

Myself testing the smile capture feature

Station 2: Let's record

Station 3: Let's Capture! I like Capture ~

Station 4: Let's Share
I would like to have 1 of the S-Frame, put my families photos inside and give as a present for my grandparents~

I am sure they will love it!
*somebody wanna sponsor me? XD*
*It still costly for now*

Station 5: Let's Enjoy!!
Movie, pictures, games all in PSP!

Station 6: Let's Find Out
what else these Sony stuff can do

Station 7: Let's Record
The Sony Recorder and Sony Walkman!

Station 8: Let's Connect
We can actually connect most of the Sony gear together ^@^~

Station 9: Let's Playback
On TV? On Computer?

Last Station!!
Station 10: Let's Go (With the Sony flow ;p)

To be continue~
With some more leng lui after this ^@^~


I am now going to the BioCareer Fair 2009 @KLCC now!
Hope to see something new and something in my interest~!

At night I will be at A Night In Rome~! ^@^~
This time I have ckeck all the accessory for my camera!
Won't forget to bring my memory cards or battery pack again!

Ciao~! Enjoy the weekends ^@^!!


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