Hennessy Artistry @ Asian heritage Row (Sneak Preview)

So what happened yesterday night?
This time me and YengYeng didn't arrive late
BUT something not good happened to me!!

I "pok-kai" @ fell down on knees in front of the service counter b'cos I didn't notice the bloody RED stairs!! >.<" *Very embarassing!* Had a crushed on my little wife too (LUMIX FX-100) =.=" Part of it broken and break out. Then only I noticed I didn't bring something the most important My SD Memory Card! I brought a spare battery but seems like it is useless now! All I can depends on are the 20MB internal built in memory...
What the...

Since I always look at the brightside
I just calm myself that today I will enjoy being captured without being a photographer
It is not good blamming yourself for what you did right? Haha!
Luckily everything gets better afterwards! XD

Nicole and Jian arrived just before the show begin
The best damn thing is she lend me her memory card!
Really thanks Nicole and Jian for coming to this party!! ;p

This is why I was able to take more better pictures and to share with you all! ^@^

Caprice the 21 years old guy who have great talent and with a Fantasy girl :)

The Beat Box Mouth
*with bass!*

Starz Angels with their great music mix!

The dancing barbie ;p

And the lucky guy with pretty ladies :)
After took his picture with the girls
He want to treat us some drinks but we kindly reject it

Thanks for your treat anyway :)

Since this is only a sneak review, more precise post will be up ASAP >.< style="font-weight: bold;">PC Fair, MPO Orchestra, Outing with My Dear PFHS Friends' post havent comeout ar...

So...stay tuned?

After the crush of my little wife with the floor.
She/he has some external injury near the side
I feel so sorry to him/her...
Luckily no internal injury as I still can take photos with it

Seems like I need to find a better protection case for it too!

Or is there somebody on the globe willing to sponsor me a new one??
Wahaha! Look at the brightside!!

PS: Nuffnang Music Bash Live Blogging's Contest have found their winner?
I didn't found any news


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