DCIM Velocity Angel '09 @ Mid Valley [Round1]

Have you read the summary here?
Here come my full report :)

Since I arrived earlier, there is actually a model on the stage
To pose for us and to let the photographer take as much pictures as they can

My best shot of due to other people's flash ;p

She has the brightest smile when she finished posing for us.
I am sure she was very tired after posing for so long!!
Thank you lady :)

Walking around the booth and saw this big gun.
No DSLR to test it ^@^"
Sponsor by Nikon

I like this picture the most among all other pictures
The Hotshots Winner DCM July 2007 - Tham Kong Weng

Another place where you can take photo of a model with four Wireless Flashlight Device around her

Lighting is a very important element :)

The photographer with ladder
Was Carefour's ladder sold out that day??

Okay I found my best spot and met Khalid there
Thanks for letting me standing beside because I was actually at the back row.
Khalid was actually a freelance photographer that came down here all the way from Sibu, Sarawak. Fully support this DCIM Show 2009 for all 3 days!!

Impressed with his enthusiasm !!

This is when I spotted Kim Ong and her friends behind the stage

The finale haven't start, the place already stuffed by all sorts of photographer
(95% DSLR with 5% Compact Camera)
I was using my DMC-FX100...

Since I was standing between them
I keep hearing a lot of DSLR Language which I didn't know...
Can learn a lot of stuff actually
Besides that, there are photographer who come here specially for Amber Chia

This uncle was frustrated of waiting as he haven't had his lunch and the show haven't start even it is 2.30PM already
*He laughed because he over starved*
Just kidding ;p
He was actually chatting with Khalid

The judges haven't arrive

People started to feel annoyed for waiting so long
Here comes Kim Ong went on stage to calm all of us and apologies for judges' lateness
I am not sure I can handle this stuation well but Kim Ong did!
She is very calm at that moment :)

After a few more minutes passed
All the judges came
Amber Chia was one of the judges
She actually giving us alot of opportunity to take her photo :)

Ta da!! The show has begin!!
Session 1: Posing with Canon Camera

Justina the first

Rowena the poser

Rachel the sweet smile

Zeyi with a very different pose cmpared to others

Fanni with a cute look

Eva with the confident smile!

Normera with the most photogenic face~

Charlene with the happy smile

Chloe with her DSLR

Zoe with her self-potrait pose~

Kimberly!! Her stunning + cool pose with that DSLR
It suits her :)

and Felixia the angel that best presenting the camera.
In session 1, which one is your favourite? :)
This round I like Kimberly the most!
She looks really cool in that pict

Next Coming Up!!
The Cheong Sam Series at Round 2

April's fool is going to over soon, how many people have you fooled??
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