DCIM Velocity Angel '09 @ Mid Valley [Grand Finale]

This is my best group shot :)
The Atramendous, Decorous & Elegant Velocity Angels
[Please click for larger view]

This is the final show in the final round
Rowena with her very smooth hair

Justine with elegance

Rachel still the cute one :)

Fanni with the most simple pose~

Zeyi not squating this time XD

Haha Eva I like her so much for looking here :)

Second shot of Eva

I consider this is one of my best shot~
The gown looks alive !

Normera the poser

Charlene with the brightest happy smile

Zoe looks confident

Zoe on the Screen
Whenever they are looking in front
I will take the picture in the TV :)

Chloe's side shot

Best look of Chloe~

Here comes one of my favourite, Kimberly!!
She looks like the Angelina Jolie that I have been searching for :)
Will I know her in future? ^@^~

Kimberly's dresses is the most attractive one~

Not forgetting Felixia
The tall, confident,and good poser velocity angel :)

Felixia with the sexy back

The show has over and while we are waiting for the results
There are two performance presented

The ladies are flexible :)

One of them look likes a star in Malaysia :)

The other performance was the Musical Highschool Dance (Kids Version)
*Video will be uploaded soon*

Since the result are still under progress
Kim Ong need to be spontaneous and came up to handle the stage again
She was asking who is our favourite and a lot people said Kimberly ^@^

The different angle of Amber Chia

Ding dong, the result has ready!!
This personal assistant of Velocity Angle looks pretty too :P
Can she become one of the Velocity Angel??

Normera got the Most Photogenic Velocity Angel '09

deserved the Best Body Velocity Angel '09

Chloe awarded with the Best Look Velocity Angel '09

The Best Body - Kimberly and the Best Look - Chloe

Here comes the Velocity Angel Runner Up!!

Who will be the Winner of Velocity Angel for Year 2009 ???
Amber Chia is posing & waiting :)
She gave us opportunity to take her picture again~
While waiting, my camera is out of battery >.<... I didn't bring my spare battery because I thought one battery would be enough ... Wrong calculation... That's why my photo start from below won't look so clear T.t In year 2009, Felixia is the Winner of Velocity Angel ~!
(Replaced with a combination of her 3 photos)
Does she deserve the awards?
Yes! for me :)
So who did you guess?? XD

When come to the ends, a group photo will always needed~
Thanks for my Nokia Express Music 5610!! ^@^
*Hope to get you a brother soon (Nokia Express Music 5800)*
Kim Ong has been a good emcee without forgetting the other winners :)
This is the end of the show~

Chloe, Charlene, Felixia, Kimberly and Normera~
(Picture courtersy of dcimshow.com)

After finish the show
I saw Amber Chia when going to the toilet
Since they are taking photo with her.
Why not I get a chance too? XD

Here it is~
Tian Chad with Amber Chia for the first time ;p
The guy who help me took photo seems not familiar with my phone.
So he took alot for us but ends up this is the best...
(How I wished I got bring the spare battery...)
While Amber is having photo with others
Her assistant were besides and I took a photo with her too :)
Hope this can make her feels better because alot people only taking picture with Amber

She looks quite nice right? XD

Actually we have been disturbing them both to go to the toilet
So I apologies for that ^@^"

When I was looking for Kim Ong
I saw Charlene outside and .... took a photo with her! :)
(This time the guy which is her friend was familiar with my phone XD)
Thank you

At last I found Kim Ong and greeted her
Thanks for recognize me :)
Congratz on get married soon
Lucky Josiah ~

Since I was very hungry, I quickly went through the wedding /exhition booth and found something interesting!
Now even guys can be the bride instead of the groom
TOM OneStop Wedding Service is creative :)

There are a lot of nice wedding photo and alot of couples there getting to married too!

Before leaving DCIM, peep on Panasonic LUMIX G1

It is already 4 PM and I haven't ate my lunch...
So having lunch/dinner at this time is a very hard decision
In the end decided to get a Banana Blast Off as the replacement of lunch @ Juice Works

I love the Chessy Egg Melt ^@^

Phew, this time it took me 3 hours to organize and upload the photo...
It is nice to go to this event as I have knew alot of people there.
Especially Khalid the enthusiased photographer come from Sibu, Sarawak
The 12 Velocity Angel Finalist
Learned something from some DSLR User(by listening to their DSLR Language)
Met Amber Chia and Kim Ong for the first time~
And figure out that having a spare battery is always better!!

I wonder why I somehow become a celebrity fans/media
Is it because my eagerness to meet new people?
I gotta say I tried to challenge myself to be brave enough to meet new people
It actually trained you how to be more socialable and expand your networking :)
When I look back to it I wonder how I did it all alone :)

Well, maybe I was just too boring in the weekends~

By just using my wife -> The compact camera LUMIX FX-100
I can take a lot of photo at alot different place/event
I would like to thanks her for getting the memory down into pictures
I am sure I will miss it when I get older or even after get Alzheimer
*Touch Wood*

Using DSLR can take a lot better photos
But I am struggle to either get one or not because it is not convenience for me to bring it everywhere.
Somemore there are A LOT of lens to be equiped
Wide Lens, Macro lens, Fish Lens etc etc.
And they are costly too.

Wait until I have higher salary and pay my PTPTN loan first ar.
Look at the brightside!!
I hope my blog will help me get some extra income to cover these spending ^@^
Thanks Nuffnang and Google Adsense for giving the opportunity to me to get some extra income~

Between, Music Bash '09 is just around the corner!!

Will get the chance to met new people and expand my social network again!!
See you there Nuffies~!

Last but not least
Really thanks alot to the reader of Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 who has supporting along the time
This has encouraged me to continue blogging~

"Todays a reader, tomorrow a leader"
If I want a DSLR
I want to win it
Hope I can win the special prize from WOU ^@^"
*Finger crossed*


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