David Archuleta @ Sunway Malaysia (Photo + Video)

It was only 1 PM
Already saw people rushing into the Amphitheatre

I called Sarah and asked if she will come sooner or later.
Since I am worried out of space. I told her she actually can get 2 tickets by just buying the DIGI RM30 Reloads there.
Free 1 poster somemore!!

Sarah's mom also told me better don't wait and that's why I went in earlier.

They are selling David Archuletta's Album @ RM38
*Free Poster + Tickets*
I like this green path :)
Will it be my house's corridor in the future?
*Notice there are DIGI and David Archuleta's banner beside the road?*
Didn't saw ATV crossing, but banana hanging
A view inside Sunway Lagoon
Got Flying Fox, the Long Sky Bridge &
The BIG Butt Elephant
I was later noticed by a guard there because of taking picture of the lotus at the "lake"
Something concerned about copyright issue
Luckily he didn't ask me to delete all the photos that I had :X

It was only 1:30PM
Saw the crowd inside ?!
They are giving us the DIGI Cheering Tube

A nice view of Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

Basically almost all seats has been taken except the VIP seats is still empty
VIP can come late ha! >.<
The Rtm "Terminator" Video Crew is recording
People were shouting
While we are waiting, what are we doing?
Playing Nintendo DS Lite?
David Archuleta has a bunch of YOUNG fans :)
Guess how young they are?
Even the Caucasian came here to see David :)
The crowd will shout every time the spot light was switch on.
Such a good catalyst to bring up the ambience !
Almost 3PM
The crowd is still coming in
It is humid + hot inside...
I was sitting beside a group of youngster which reach here since 10.30AM!!
They only manage to get inside here after 12:30 PM the gate opened.

Imagine they are all waiting under the sun...
Impressed with their David's spirit!

Lucky enough to get a space beside them ha! XD

Waiting waiting......

They let us have practice on how to sing David's Song
This girl is one of the great supporter :)

After 3.30PM ++
JJ and EAN from hitz.FM came out giving free gifts by asking simple questions
They are good :)

This little girl really know how to sing his song!
Impressed + salute
The performance started
Everyone thought David is coming out but
"Nobody Knows"
Hao Ren @ 朱浩仁
came out

What a great start with a great song name! Haha!
People were actually booing at him because all come here to see David ar
Luckily he get some cheers when he perform the dance.
Then the finale of "One In A Million" came here all the way from National Service
Just to perform to us and see David at the same time.
His name = _______
(need ur help ^@^")
Later on Danell Lee came out
People shouted, " We want David!"
Danell replied, "Yes. David? Danell here!"

Such a good reply to avoid being embarrassed

I like the Chinese Version of Mimpi
I still remember when I was working in TOYCITY
I was able to sell TWO Remote Control Aeroplanes in one shot after keep listening to this song.

You will get some positive energy when listen to the right song :)

AT LAST, David Archuleta is showing up!!
He is just 19 years old and already have a good achievement!
Looking forward to be as success as he is!
(Not a singer la ;p)

"A Little Too Not Over You"

"Don't Let Go"

My favourite shot far away from the stage! :)


Many Arch Angel had a crush on him

How many video recorder here?? ;p

For just a while, David is going to MIA
The performance is so so short!
Everyone was standing and now even the VIP Seats are ALL full!
The VIPs are so nice sitting enjoying their best view ar
Luckily no terrorist inside.
In the end sure he came back la :)
(A tactic to make people want more)

"A Thousand Miles"
I really like this one


The last song he performed!
When this end
Most people complaining it was too short and they want more!

Unfortunately that is the end...
Imagine you have start to wait since early in the morning just to see David not more than 30 minutes...~

I think David is "hiding" inside a car and wait for the crowd to go off before taking a group photo with his VIP fans :)

There were bunch of people taking photo with EAN
He has too many requests to decline
And JJ look shocked with the crowd too XD
Some people able to get poster for themselves.
And some people able to get the BIG Banner for themselves!!
Just a moment before she did what she did ;p

When you going out from the Amphitheatre, you will see all the David's banner disappeared except DIGI Banner!
Haha! What a hardcore fans of David ^@^

Quickly get myself a 100 PLUS after sweating all the way in the concert!
Cam-whore my self ;p

This is the end of my David Archuleta Live In KL!
Thanks again to CookieDonut for the free tickets

I got tons of David's picture
but most look not so good ar.
I have get you a poster :)
(NOT the banner)
YOu want it?

Hope to get a better camera for this kind of event next time! ^@^
Wish me luck!
*Finger Crossed*

For more David Archuleta
Please visit ArchuletaAvenue :)

*Click here? :)*


  1. Nice one! lol! I expect 70% of everyone there are girls? LOL!

  2. Haha yeap!
    70% ++ are the girls!
    They can shout like there is no tomorrow!
    Saw some pretty babes la ;p
    I still wonder how to connect the Blogspot profile so that can link to ppl who comment~

  3. hehe... sorry to make u drool at this hour.. LOL =D wow.. u were there for archuleta.. LOL =D guess it was a blast!! looking ur photos.. like the tree photo.. nice!! =D hehe... daniel lee also there.. LOL =D msian idol vs american idol runner up.. LOL =D hahaha best lla..

  4. haha, luckily I got something to eat ;p
    David's show is a BIG blast for the girls!
    I also like the tree photo :)
    Americon Vs Malaysia Idol, we know who will sin ar ;p


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