B'cos of Hsiao-Fan I am in FHM's April Issue !

Last last Tuesday, I got 4 free tickets from FHM Men's Magazine with just an email.
It was my first time buy FHM and participate in the contest
Actually I bought it because I saw Hsiao-Fan on the cover :X
*Mens are proved to be visual animal*

Since I only receive the notification in my spam mail the day before the movie.
I gotta quickly find some matey to watch it with me ;p

Luckily found Nicole , Jian & Wern to go together :)

We went to Bliss 33 Cafe to feed our stomach

Did what I would always do while waiting for foods
Jian & Nicole the couple

The Shy shy Wern XD

When the water was served
We were confused to decide which one is our drink
Even the waiter cannot recognize them ;p
While eating my Nasi Lemak Special
Three girls came in for fund raising.
One of them actually playing the guitar and sing together with the other two girls
I still can't differentiate either they are really doing the fund raising or conning people...
That's why I don't easily donate to others =.="

Okay after dinner we went for the movie - The International
Looking forward for Terminator Slavation! :)
Will Nuffnang have this soon??

The moment before we went in the cinema
Was trying to take photo with the terminator that has Red-blinking-eyes

The International is a movie about a World-Class bank doing the illegal tradings.
I always saw bad guy in the movie trading using Swiss's Bank
In the end, even though the head of the culprit was banished
It was quickly replaced by a new guy....
The no end cycle

It sounds like politics in Melayzie

Who has the highest authority will control the others... :X

So yesterday I bought my second issue of FHM

Suddenly saw the letter I wrote in last month.
Too bad I didn't won the watch =.="

Sometimes you can see some funny letters in FHM
For example, the girlfriend of a guy who always read FHM wrote in

"FHM shouldn't put too much booze, fast cars and sexy babes.
Especially the sex-education stuff.
And pls tone down the risque business."

I would say this magazine is actually what guys like to read
It make guys happy but make their girlfriend jealous pulak
*Finger Crossed for my next contest!*
I need a watch badly ;p


  1. haha XD kenapa dengan ah boon ni.

  2. guys should also share their fhm mag with their female counterpart.


  3. she shy shy ma
    she keep "Rawr" after saw this haha

  4. As for me I don't mind to share with my lady
    But not sure for other guys :X

  5. wakaka XD, then must snap her photo more XD


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