No. 192 Jonker Street

Since August 1st, I started to help my aunt in her handicraft + souvenir shop.
Lot number 192, in Jonker Street-Melaka.
She really lack of shop assistant and can't find a trustworthy cashier.
That's why I'm there. Haha!

Nothing much to do there, only serve customer, restock once the item going to sold out, decorating the whole shop and make as much display item as we can.
Therefore when you visit this shop you will saw a shop full with everything around the corner.
Ohya, and also cleaning the dust!!
I tell ya, the dust will never ever be cleaned.
Yesterday only mop the place, today the place become dusty again.

What I have learn there?
Hmm, mopping the floor, cleaning the dust, learn how to promote, and how to handle with high talented customers' discount skills.
Sometimes we ought to give discount to make them satisfied
But depends on the original price of the item
There are something that really cant give discount.

Another benefit working there is able to see a lot pretty lady from other country ;p
Marion Caunter really looks pretty

Here are the photo taken during my last day working there.

Her name is Jamilah and we usually call her Ilah
And she said the wood elephant is as heavy as her cousin's son
I'm sure her cousin's son is very chubby then

This is Fizah, a young girl that always able to eat lunch brought by his dad, which is a car racer
How lucky she is ?!
I love the shirt shes wearing now.
Got "I am Orang Gila" on it

And here she is, Xiao Ping. The trustworthy employee hired by my aunt.
All cash is received by her. She is one of the good person that I met in my life
Very kind, hardworking and funny too!

Hope everything will be better and my aunt will find another trustworthy employee to work for her.
And I hope I can last long on my current job by learning new things and get as much experience as I can. Especially fermentation.

That's all. G'night~


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