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Samsung Gear Sport vs Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. Which should you buy?

This will be a comparison post between two Samsung Smart Watch - Samsung Gear Sport and Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. I've tried using both watch for 2 weeks. Although the test period wasn't long enough, you can have and idea of which Samsung Smart Watch to go for. I've already got myself one of it and it's up to you to figure out below =)

Samsung Gear Sport 3 minutes review #TCReview "Samsung Gear Sport vs Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro"

When Do I Blog? Again?

When tummy wake you up in the middle of the night, and you stay awake to see the beautiful sunrise. Remember to always look at the bright side, although your tummy suffered 😤 #mygalaxynote8 A post shared by TianChad 田七🕴📸📽 🇲🇾 (@tianchad) on Dec 19, 2017 at 7:51pm PST

So here's a random post, while waiting for Malaysia Airlines to get his airplane ready to fly to Bangkok. After many FAM trip this year, finally a trip that's free and easy where you don't need to wake up early in the morning, and shoot since breakfast to supper. Everyday was very happening and tired at the same time. I can only sleep after finish charging all camera gears and gadgets. So everytime after a trip, I usually exhausted and lack of sleep

PINK Samsung 2017 Flagship Smartphones Available Now!! (First time make my gingerbread)

Today's event was like a baking class for me, but enjoyable one. I've learned how to make my first gingerbread man and Christmas cookies while improved my cupcakes "cream drawing" skills. Just like the sweet and savory experience desserts bring to people, Samsung is refreshing its colour offering of its flagship smartphones to give fans a touch of fun with two news shades of PINK.

Held at the brand’s Galaxy Studio Kuala Lumpur, a one-stop centre to experience Samsung’s ultimate mobile connectivity, and in conjunction with the upcoming Christmas celebrations, Samsung Malaysia Electronics hosted a “Sweet Treats Workshop” consisting of a creative dessert decoration class led by Frances Voon, founder of quaint cake café, Little Collins Cakery & Cafe. What followed was a mini photography session of the delectable delights using Samsung’s pink edition phones, the Galaxy Note8 in Soft Pink and Galaxy S8/S8+ in Rose Pink. Captured using the powerful lenses of Samsung’s …


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[VIDEO] G.E.M.邓紫棋与NameWee黄明志飙歌 《飘向北方》拥抱后还赞她榴莲香 - 世界巡回演唱会《Queen Of Hearts》马来西亚站 Gem Tang Live in KL

那天G.E.M.邓紫棋世界巡回演唱会《Queen Of Hearts》吉隆坡站演唱会 @ Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil。我就是在那晚淋到雨,吃Serai唯一卖的高档晚餐(就只是Fish and Chips,还好味道不错),然后吹免费冷气吹到第二天不小心感冒了。但是看到邓紫棋的卖力演出,然后又和NameWee黄明志的合唱 《飘向北方》,是值得的!!
[LIVE] 漂向北方 - 邓紫棋 x 黄明志 Live In KL (合唱版)她们还拥抱叻,难道?!
G.E.M.邓紫棋世界巡回演唱会《Queen Of Hearts》吉隆坡站在粉丝的呐喊声下完美落幕 !“红心女王”G.E.M. 在八名化身侍卫的舞蹈员引领下为演唱会揭开序幕并演唱 “A.I.N.Y.爱你”“WHAT HAVE U DONE”展现其铁肺唱功。演唱会舞台和制作设计媲美韩星演唱会效果,据称舞台制作费超过1百万马币,并舞台设计成一个梦幻的“移动城堡”,现场也备配合舞台灯光变幻的荧光棒,单是制作方面和舞台效果已值回票价。

Samsung Gear Sport & Gear IconX Price in Malaysia (Start from RM799)

We were the first in Malaysia to strap on the Gear Sport, participants accepted the Gear Up Challenge for an all-round fitness experience. The HIIT exercise was so effective that I feel the soreness all over my body now. Overall, it was a healthy experience to speed up my secret transformation =)

In the digital age where technology and exercise collide, wearables have transformed society’s approach to fitness and have the ability to keep us informed, motivated and on track to accomplishing our fitness goals. In support of staying active, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is proud to add two new standout devices, the Gear Sport and Gear IconX, to its portfolio of innovative wearables – designed to help people get the most out of their day.

11 Things To Do Before Buying New Camera Smartphone

Today I am sharing my personal tips including recommended things you should do before buying a new smartphone with good camera. It might be simple but these are helpful tips for you who love mobile photography =) So read it below!

1. Do you WANT it or NEED it?
First thing first, technology improve so quickly that the moment you get a new phone, a better one come out a few months later and you asked yourselves, "Why didn't I wait for the newer one?!" Well this happened to me and it was the best choice when I want a new phone. Therefore the moment I am checking out new gadgets, this is the question I keep asking to myself. Nowadays I only buy gears that I really need even-though I want them all. Even camera nowadays has involve so quick that I can hardly stay updated. Remember, it is your photography skill and knowledge that's more important than owning the latest gear, even a simple smartphone can help you to capture precious moments. So my point is, buy only the new …

[Photo] Farewell Dinner @ Bijan Bar & Restaurant

This is gonna be a photo post of awesome people having fun at a farewell dinner party in Bijan Bar & Restaurant, Jalan Ceylon. A pretty nice place for dinner and people who love to drink at the bar.  The restaurant offer halal food and there's a bar for you who love to drink. A perfect place to organize 1Malaysia dinner party here. The crowd that night was fun and most of them see each other after a long time. Love the happy face and smile being captured under my camera. Enjoy!!

[Photo] 18th European Union Film Festival in Malaysia @ GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

I have somehow abandoned this blog again due to the nature of time being spent on photography projects, Instagram and the time consuming YouTube because I wanted to create better visual picture content. Anyway, tonight I would like to share some photos taken during the official night of 18th European Union Film Festival in Malaysia @ GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. For more info about 18th EUFF, you may visit or

Xiaomi Mi A1 Review (Malaysia) - Dual-Camera & Photo Sample

Hello guys, as a DSLR photographer myself, I do like to try out new gadget gears especially when smartphone nowadays has better camera and they help us capture good photos in split seconds. Sometimes I don't want to bring along my heavy DSLR too, hence I always try new smartphone with dual-camera and this time. Instead of getting the Xiaomi 6, I have a unit of Xiaomi Mi A1 Smartphone with Dual-Camera to play with. I believe you guys are here, because you are as curious as I am regarding the Mi A1 camera and photos quality and also whether Android One OS is really good without the MIUI. 
What does Android One means? With software designed by Google, Android One phones have access to Google's premiere security features, applications and innovations on your phone, such as free unlimited high quality storage with Google Photos.

Let's unbox the Xiaomi Mi A1 that I got recently, it's quite simple inside, got the MiA1 phone on top and charger with cable below. A very simple m…

【Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course】 by Ivy Brow Design in Malaysia

Searching for place to learnEyebrow Embroidery Courses in Malaysia? Last year I did the natural eyebrow embroidery for men (and woman) at Ivy Brow Design. This year, BON SENS Beauty AestheticsIvy Brow Design has officially launched their 'Professional Contour & Eyebrow Embroidery Course'. Instead of  just sharing the curriculum of what Ivy is going to teach, I will share with you the experience of one of her graduated student from the academy.

【Review】Samsung Galaxy Note8 Dual-Cam Live Focus in Studio Photoshoot

As a photographer, dual-camera smartphone is already a must especially if you don't want to carry your DSLR around. Any new and upcoming smartphone with just one camera might find it hard to compare to phone with two 'eyes'. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phones with two cameras (dual cameras) hence it will able to create the blur background image (we call it bokeh) with the combination of Wide Angle Lens and Zoom Lens. Just like the iPhone 7 Plus and certain Huawei smartphone.
Now the question is, "Is Samsung Note 8 Dual Camera better than other dual-cam smartphone out there?" Just recently I was invited for Samsung Note 8 Mobile Photography Workshop by Michael Yeoh. That's where I got my first hand experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 even before it launch in Malaysia.  

 PS: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to launch in Malaysia on 21 Sep 2017 with Song JiHyo making special appearance at Pavilion KL!

【HIPPIE CAFE】 - The Hidden Gem In Kepong Jinjang Utara

Other than the beautiful FRIM Kepong, I seldom go there. But there's this nice hipster cafe hidden in Kepong township that I would like to share with you, it's called the "Hippie Cafe". It was well hidden on top of the mini Tesco Express Jinjang Utara.  Initially I didn't see the cafe because the entrance was at the side of Tesco Express.
However, the moment I went upstair, it shows a different view. There are wall-arts all around the corner and what attracted me are the lighting and wheels-shape clocks installed at the interior. Since I was hungry, I went to the counter and ordered their Curry Spaghetti and a green tea. 

There was only me in the cafe with a few youngsters at the kitchen.  It took them a while to prepare my meal but I understand why when I saw my Curry Spaghetti. It looks very neat and my usual photography habit tell me to photograph it.

Running Man Song Ji Hyo 송지효 is Coming to Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!! #송지효 #SongJiHyo #宋智孝

YESH!! As you all know, the most beautiful Running Man star Song Ji Hyo 宋智孝송지효 is coming to Malaysia for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch!! Who's excited?🎉 I will be there to cover the Note 8 launch in coming week so thought of sharing with all running-fans  too (especially JiHyo's awesome fans). According to Samsung Malaysia, you can stand a chance to get an exclusive poster. If you don't believe scroll down to see the video of JiHyo doing the announcement of she coming to Malaysia.

Save the date: 21 Sep 2017 @ Pavilion KL  (10am)
Tag and share with your Running Man friends!!  #송지효 #SongJiHyo #宋智孝 #마이컴퍼니 #myGalaxyNote8 #DoWhatYouCant

PS:  To those of you who got class on that day, don't skip it okay? Study first, read my coverage and see the photos later!!

Takumi Saitoh 斎藤工 at Japanese Film Festival 2017 #JFF2017

"Matinée idol SAITOH Takumi 斎藤工set hearts aflutter as he graced the launch of the 14th Japanese Film Festival at GSC Pavilion KL on 5th September 2017. Highly in demand with 40 movies and 28 television shows to his credit, the former model-turned-actor was in town for a meet-and-greet session with fans as well as to present a special preview of his directorial debut, 映画『blank13』2018.2.3公開. Takumi also attended the opening ceremony later the same evening, with him back in front of the camera for a supporting role in festival curtain-raiser 'The Projects' (映画『団地』)." - The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
Courtesy of Golden Screen Cinemas, I was there to capture and document down the happening moments during Japanese Film Festival 2017 Opening Ceremony at Pavilion KL. There were lots of fans who were early and queuing up for "Blank13" screening. I can see why because major of them were there to meet the handsome Taukumi Saitoh in person. Undeniable Takumi Saito…

How To Get The Best Memory Card For Your Camera & Save Money

Hey guys, today I am sharing a quick tips on how to get the right memory card for your camera and drone, andhow to save money by purchasing it online at the same time! As you can see from above, there are many different types of memory card for your camera. Different camera has different memory card requirement hence you really need to get the right memory card or else it will slow down your shooting experience.
I was once using a slow card (slow writing and reading speed lower than Class 10) on my DSLR and the buffering time affect the amount of thing I can capture in that limited time. Hence I missed capturing some precious moment that time and I regret that...

Get the Sandisk Ultra Class 10 SDHC Memory Card  (Silver color) If... To make it simple, if your camera device can't capture 4K video, it is enough to get a memory card with Class 10 (C10) written on it. You will able to see the number "10" on it. Usually 32GB is enough for daily usage for your camera. Unless i…

14 Reasons to get Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline [Review]

Hey guys, today I would like to introduce you my new girlfriend called 'Atlantis'. First of all, I am not a professional car reviewer and I am just sharing my viewpoint and feedback as a user who test drive it throughout a weekend trip to Melaka. This brand new Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4TSI comes in two different model: Comfortline Package and Highline Package
I was driving the VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline with  more features like Active Info Display (AID), Daytime Running Lights (DRL), Leather Seats, Powered Seats, 8" touch screen display with navigation and 18" alloy wheels,
All right, here's TEN reasons why you should get the all-new VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI Highline:

Dara Independence Beach Resort & Spa | Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Dara Independence Beach Resort & Spa (or more well known as Independence Hotel) was the hotel that I stay when I first visit Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I know nothing about Sihanoukville until I googled about this place. To be honest, nothing much can be found through online, and I was depending on Trip Advisor recommended "things to do" with mostly beach attractions on their page.

Today I would just like to talk about Dara Independence Beach Resort & Spa and my twonights stay experience over there.  I was first attracted by the pictures of their new infinity pool and can't wait to check out this hotel. Overall, it was a comfortable stay with great Seafood Dinner @ Sunset Restaurant, super relaxing oil massage at their Jouvence Spa located within Independence Hotel. I must not forget to mention their real beautiful infinity pool located right at the coastal line where you can see beautiful sunset.

[Photo] Wedding ROM at Thean Hou Temple 天后宫

I have been to Thean Hou Temple a few times but this was the first time I photograph friend's Registration of Marriage (ROM) at this signature tourist location right in Kuala Lumpur. Thean Hou Temple was built by the Hainanese in order to commemorate the Goddess of Thean Hou. The Thean Hou Temple is one of the largest Chinese temple in South East Asia and was officially opened on 3rd September 1989. 

How to go to Thean Hou Temple?
Actually the best way is to drive there with Waze traffic guide. But if you are taking the public transport, regardless of LRT or KTM line, none of the stations is within walking distance from Thean Hou Temple. The best way is through taxi. You can first take the KTM to Mid Valley station or by LRT to Bangsar station. Then take the taxi through GRAB or UBER to reach this Chinese Temple.
PS: Use promo code "ubertianchad" for UBER discount

3D2N Penang Phuket with Star Cruises Superstar Libra | 三天两夜槟城普吉岛之旅-每人从RM699++开始

StarCruises SuperStar Libra丽星邮轮『天秤星号』最近刚推出新的三天两夜配套。从槟城出发,第二天就到普吉岛。小学的时候上过邮轮,就在那时买了第一家3.2MP的数码;没想到这一次上邮轮,有一大班朋友一起出游,又有登对情侣同船,所以花了不少心思拍了这部影片还有一堆照片。想知道我们在游轮上做了些什么,吃和玩什么,就记得要看这影片啦!!还没做过邮轮?!一生人一定要有一次这样的旅程啊~ #TCTravel

上船CheckIn 》 吃海鲜大餐 》 Cruise Tour与安全导航 》 看魔术表演 》 自由活动 》 早安瑜伽/Zumba 》下船普吉岛 》 享尽泰国餐 》 泰式按摩 》 血拼购物 》 喝Chang Beer 》 吃泰国7-11三文治与香肠 》 去海边拍拖 》 回天秤星号 》 主题FarewellDinner(当晚是Minion主题)》 One In A Million绝技表演 》 泡温暖Jacuzzi 》 和朋友哈拉最后一晚 》 中午下船回家

RM699开始 (每周三出发)
RM899开始 (每周五出发)

3D2NPenang-Phuket Cruise Package starting from RM699++ per person

For more info, visit
Instagram/Twiter: @starcruisesasia
WeChat: “SCTA” 或 “丽星邮轮”



#SuperStarLibra #StarCruises
#StarMoment #天秤星号

《NH Nutri Grains欢喜第1等》- 冠中冠Apple 邱诗凌

实力与人气兼具的Apple 邱诗凌众望所归,以过半的观众SMS投票率夺下《NH Nutri Grains欢喜第1等》的冠中冠,喜极而泣的她在唱出冠军歌《阿母的情歌》时更是一度泣不成声,感动现场观众。
自今年六月开播以来,《NH Nutri Grains 欢喜第1等》最后五强Adrian李文杰、Apple邱诗凌、Relyne万里莹、车志立(车子)Pink陈珂冰一路过关斩将来到总决赛,一起角逐冠中冠荣誉。五强以一首《有梦你会红》开场后进入个人演唱组曲的第一回合,第二回合找来了五位特别嘉宾包括颜慧萍、李吉汉、张引山、林健辉以及曾洁钰助阵“帮帮唱”环节将现场气氛炒到最高点。

Sungnyemun Gate At Night

During my trip to Seoul for 2017 Asian Cultural Young Leaders' Camp, Sungnyemun Gate is one of the building structure that caught my eyes the first time I saw it. This traditional building structure is located right in the middle of the modern city with car and buses pass by from time to time. Took the above picture while crossing the zebra line as that's the best spot to present the beauty of this Korea's National Treasure.

Kyobo Book Store Gwanghwamun 교보문고 광화문점 #TCTravel

Instead of compiling everything that I did in Korea last week, I would like to share some captured moments that tell the ambiance in this special place -  Kyobo Bookstore @ GwangHwamun Seoul. We went to this book store with Rano, Khulan and Ogia. I was amazed with what I saw and feel in here. The reading vibes is pretty strong here consider it is a weekday and night time. Check out the photos below and I can assure you it worth a visit.
There's only one problem in this place, 90% of the books are in Korean so we spent most of our time in the International book corner hahaha. For more information about Kyobo Book Store, visit (Korean only).

15 THINGS TO BUY IN KOREA - Spicy Ramyeon, Honey Butter Almond ...

Ever wonder what are the things to buy in Korea in year 2017? That's the question I ask to myself and thanks to my awesome friends on Facebook they have recommended many good stuff and I would like to share with you the list of things to buy in Korea, or should I say things to buy in Seoul, Korea? The first 5 are my favourites things to get in Korea. Do note that the list below are just my personnel recommendation only. So please choose the one you like the most or recommend me other stuff if I missed them out =)


It is only an excuse if I keep saying I am busy to update my blog. So here it is! A quick photo post with the photos I took during Megadeth Concert Live in Malaysia 2017 at Stadium Negara. This is consider as my very first official metal band concert photograph assignment too. Thanks to IMEAsia I've got to understand this music and the special privilege to photograph Megadeth and the band members who. Most of the fans come in dark color outfit with that sense of metal band hence I did took my chance to capture some of their outfit too. One thing that I've learned, it's not just Malay that love rock band. 
It was challenging to photoshoot Megadeth concert as the swift and constant changing concert lights makes it hard to find the right focus and shooting mode. I was using Aperture mode and ISO ranging from 800-2000 to adapt to the environment. Thankfully my DSLR didn't disappoint me =D

Malaysia local band Massacre Conspiracy did the opening for Megadeth Live in Malaysi…

Sheila Majid Live in KL - The Concert Kuala Lumpur 2017

Have you heard of "Legenda"? Yeap, Malaysia's Queen of Jazz Sheila Majid is finally have her concert at our own country at Stadium Negara 2017 this year. Sheila Majid The Concert Kuala Lumpur 2017 will be held at Stadium Negara on 5th August 2017. During the press conference, other than announcing the partners and sponsors of the concert, they also announced that 80% of the concert tickets has sold out.

It was my honour to photograph this event as I get to meet one of the precious gems in Malaysia. Furthermore, I like her music and it was good that I can do something for Malaysia's entertainment. Below are some photos taken during Sheila Majid Concert 2017 Press Conference. Share this out if you are a fans of Sheila Majid =)

For more information about "Sheila Majid The Concert Kuala Lumpur 2017", visit or www,

12 Reasons to Visit MyTOWN Shopping Centre in KL #MyTOWNKL

Recently there has been plenty of new shopping malls opening in Malaysia even in Kuala Lumpur itself. As a consumer and city explorer, I would like to share things you can do in MyTOWN Shopping Centre (some may call it MyTOWN Shopping Mall), there are a few vivid reasons for you to visit this shopping mall in town.

MyTOWN Shopping Centre
, spans the size of 20 football fields and is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Anchor tenants include the biggest IKEA in Malaysia, Parkson Department Store, Golden Screen Cinemas, Village Grocer, H&M, Food Empire, the largest ZARA in Malaysia and the country’s first flagship Best store. 

【蒲种工厂咖啡馆】 The Depot by JWC in Puchong

蒲种开了间新的双层咖啡馆 - The Depot (11) by JWC,坐落在宁静的工业区,周围宁静而且停车方便。室内设计蛮具特色且宽阔,接近绿林的咖啡吧台,六角桌最为抢眼,店内也有昂贵的Luwak咖啡,目前是一家咖啡得奖不少的咖啡馆。由于当晚去的时候已经不早了,所以只点了杯热巧克力,Latte,花茶,千层蛋糕与雪糕奶油华夫饼。
JWC是一家有电梯的咖啡馆,所以方便带家人来尝试新东西。若你是喜爱咖啡的夜猫子,你应该会喜欢这里的。晚上看见有顾客带自己的笔电做自己的事,或者开个小型分享会。那晚的千层蛋糕感觉放太久了,所以没Nadeje的那么好吃。不过热巧克力蛮香浓的,个人蛮喜欢。华夫饼加上雪糕本该很好吃,可是他们把雪糕放在切片牛油上,导致牛油变硬了,吃起来感觉有点不妥。 服务生不是很多,但是招待我们的女生很体贴,也帮我们花茶加了很多次的热水。这一点有加分。菜单方面字体有点渺小,老人家可能看不到哈哈哈。若下次有机会尝试到它其他各式各样的得奖咖啡,我再跟你们分享吧!!毕竟过了6点喝咖啡还真的不容易睡着哦。
如果喜欢甜点的,可以尝试Sizzling Brownie。JWC也有All Day Breakfast哦~
【The Depot by JWC】 地址:11, Jalan PPU 2A Taman Perindustrian Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia 营业时间:12pm - 11.45pm Daily, 星期一休息 联络号码:03-8066 5627 FB:

[Review] Redmi Note 4 - Budget Smartphone with Long Battery Life

After two months using this Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, I can finally give my opinion on this RM799 Smartphone. I've using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for a long time and had initial perception that Redmi Note 4 might not be up to par or feeds my need. After using it for quite some time, I would say Redmi Note 4 might not be suitable for extreme and high performance usage, but the specs provided is good enough for daily usage and I was quite amazed with the long battery life.
Currently Malaysia has two variant of Redmi Note 4: 3GB 32GB and 4GB 64GB version priced at RM949 (RM150 extra)

2017金视奖得奖名单 Golden Awards 2017 Winner List

2017金视奖得奖名单出炉啦!!成绩有没有你预期的结果呢?!还是爆冷?在这里我要恭喜每一位入围和得奖的艺人朋友咯!!今晚出席婚礼所以没有“独家”红地毯的照片啦。(朋友结婚照就有,在我的FB)好啦话不多说,来分享 Golden Awards 2017 Winner List~

Prettiest Milky Way in Malaysia (Tioman Island) #TCTravel

I was writing a phone review for Redmi Note 4 today and noticed that I shall take a break before complete it. Hence came up with this 1 minute video of a random night (not so random) in Tioman Island Malaysia.

Many people thought that one can only see the milky way oversea. Little did they know that you can see the milky way as long you are looking at the sky at the right season with no light pollution around you. 
I can say I was lucky to spot this milky way in the middle of the night. I put my camera outside for timelapse photography at 12.30am and went back to the room for a nap. A 5 minutes nap turned into a few hours sleep and I suddenly jumped out of the bed around 5am in the morning.

CRUNCH! Sushivid Influencer Workshop @ The Bee Publika #SushiVidCrunch

"CRUNCH is SushiVid's first Influencer workshop to gather young creators and let them have a first taste of getting sponsorships by Brands. SushiVid invited representative from Lazada to come and speak about influencer marketing and their efforts in working with young creators. On that day itself, they also have YouTubers Vikarworld, Adam Shamil and Taneshh to share their journey as content creators and inspire budding YouTubers to make their dreams come true. This Sushivid's first Influencer Workshop was to inspire more people to create content with this event and grow the local influencer space."
Why is it called CRUNCH? "CRUNCH because we're getting a room full of content creators to come together and have brunch"


Catch Superstar Lilly Singh Live in Kuala Lumpur! The Highest-paid woman on YouTube will meet and greet fans this May 23 followed by an exclusive comedy show for Malaysia     She has 11,335,721 subscribers on YouTube.  Over 1 Billion Views (1,848,564,209 to be exact).  She was named in FORBES 30 under 30.  Winner of MTV Fandom Award.  3 Streamy Awards.  2 Teen Choice Awards and most recently  2017 People’s Choice Award winner for Favourite YouTube Star.    Lilly Singh isn’t just a superstar. She’s ||Superwoman||—which is also the name of her wildly popular YouTube channel. Funny, smart, and insightful, the actress and comedian covers topics ranging from relationships to career choices to everyday annoyances. It’s no wonder she’s garnered more than a billion views. But Lilly didn’t get to the top by being lucky—she had to work for it. Hard.

[BLU x JBL Promo] Buy BLU Products & Get FREE JBL Speakers Headphone or Earphone

BLU Products has now launched in Malaysia with Lazada Malaysia and JBL hence I would like to share with you some of the current promotion they are having now on Lazada site.
BLU, the American smartphone brand has finally made its debut in Malaysia today. Total 10 models have been revealed in Malaysian market by Hot Gadgets Distribution Sdn Bhd – the sole distributor for AKG, JBL, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Revel, E-Blue and BLU, from entry-level to flagship model. All of them are available exclusively on Lazada Malaysia

To celebrate the debut, Hot Gadgets will be bundling JBL audio products with BLU smartphones exclusively on Lazada Malaysia for limited period, from 25th April to 25th May 2017. Promotion is valid while stocks last on a first-come-first-serve basis. Visit to enjoy this irresistible deal.
BLU Smartphones Product Range

BLU Pure XR – RM1,799 (bundles with JBL Charge 3 SE, worth RM829)BLU Vivo 6 – RM1,399 (bundles with JBL Everest 3…

You Mean The World To Me 海墘新路 - 想了解电影的就要读这篇 #YMTWTM

You Mean The World To Me 海墘新路

这部100% 槟城取景的全马首部福建电影《海墘新路》是导演苏忠兴的半自传故事,同时也是导演首部中文影片。在此之前,苏导曾执导多部马来电影,其中包括获奖无数的《金山公主》(Puteri Gunung Ledang)

个人观后感 最先打动我要看这部电影的,是它的主题曲 《感谢你》。那天我去看了媒体首映,大概了解戏里的福建话(还好有字幕subtitle), 而且在仓促的时间下没办法细细品尝电影的一点一滴,不过最让我印象深刻的角色有Sunny的妈妈,年轻的Grace,还有Sunny和姐姐之间的大对白。现在趁假期得空回想起,这一部电影其实想传达导演的故事,借此电影而得到一种解脱或释怀。这部电影也表达父母对孩子无私的爱,但孩子可能需要一段时间,长大了,人生历练多了,才能了解父母当时为什么会这么做。
我个人看了是没有哭啦,因为没有与故事产生共鸣(可能我的生世没那么悲惨与戏剧化)。如果你想更了解这部电影,我建议你先去看 The Making of You Mean The World To Me 海墘新路,再踏入戏院观赏这部电影。
You Mean The World To Me (The Making Of)


一个如此简单的事情,却花了很长时间才能明白,我们四处奔波,却只有一个永远不会离开我们的 叫做故乡” “You hate it because you see it in yourself and you don't like that in yourself either”

【文青咖啡館】Locahouz Cafe 裕兴茶室 @ Melaka Bukit China

【文青咖啡館】 從位於雞場街青雲亭附近的小店搬遷至三寶井的現址,Locahouz一直維持著屬於自己的調調。在有故事的老房子裡,陽光透過天井照入屋內,以藝術作品及輕音樂裝飾點綴,特色主食、小吃與咖啡、飲料成了店裡最大的主角。此外,在正規菜單之外,週末常常會推出驚喜隱藏菜單,讓人眼前為之一亮。
特別喜歡他們在食物與飲料上的用心。其實菜單上的選擇並不算太多,但在食材上的搭配和mix & match卻往往讓人患上選擇困難症。飲料則讓喜歡嘗試各種新風味的食客有更不一般的選擇。有時間的話,特別推薦在週末早晨來走一遭,在老房子裡吃上一頓早午餐,開啟假日美好一天。

GSC French Film Festival (FFF) Launch @ GSC Pavilion KL & Acme Bar & Coffee (Le French Festival 2017 Malaysia)

Le French Festival is back to Malaysia from 4 May to 18 June 2017! From 4th May to 18th June 2017, le French Festival will reach 3 cities this year via an exciting programme of cinema, music,art & architecture, gastronomy, and more. 
Le French Festival will be happening in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and for the first time in Kota Kinabalu.  *yay* I am here to share with you guys the French Film Festival 2017 at GSCinemas.
Le French Festival 2017 Malaysia Trailer - Alliance Française
The film festival has always been honouring French cinema. This year, the festival grows and takes place in three different Malaysian cities. Starting in Kuala Lumpur, it will then be held in Penang to end, for the first time, in Kota Kinabalu.
There will be total 17 French films which invites you to travel with Captain Jacques Cousteau in The Odyssey, laugh along the adventures of the Patar family in The Fabulous Patars, but also to discover the terrible facts underlying the Zoë’s Ark case in The White Knigh…

Golden Destinations CNY Dinner @ Grand Palace Pavilion KL ft Jack Lim 林德荣 财神爷

Here's a quick post about a photoshoot I did during Chinese New Year season this year. Ice Holidays and Golden Destinations were holding a CNY Dinner for their friends and members during this festive season. Jack Lim 林德荣 was the special guest of the dinner night and appear as the God of Prosperity giving out angpow to everyone. It was really happening event and I would like to share some of the event moments with you guys =) The dinner was held at Grand Palace Restaurant @ Pavilion KL. The ceiling near the stage was installed with mirrors and chandelier hence it was a bit tricky when you want to get the right lighting for the photos. Let me know what do you think bout the photos and whether Jack Lim suitable in God of Prosperity's 财神爷 costume.

“Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections” Malaysian Premiere @ GSC Mid Valley

"Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections" made its way to Malaysia earlier this month with a Malaysian premiere at GSC Mid Valley on 21 April, 2017. There was a Special Screening open to public follows on 22 April. This event was organized by Japan Foundation Asia Center & Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur
What's Asian Three-Fold Mirror project ?
This Asian Three-Fold Mirror project brings together three globally acclaimed directors from Asia to co-create omnibus films with a common theme.The directors portray people living in Asia from their own viewpoints and project the society and culture of their own countries, like a three-fold mirror. These films have been produced with an aim to deepen mutual knowledge, understanding and empathy, and to provide opportunities to explore the Asian identity and ways of living. The project framework requires the directors to include a character who is connected in some manner to another Asian country, and to shoot on location in a…

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