When Do I Blog? Again?

So here's a random post, while waiting for Malaysia Airlines to get his airplane ready to fly to Bangkok. After many FAM trip this year, finally a trip that's free and easy where you don't need to wake up early in the morning, and shoot since breakfast to supper. Everyday was very happening and tired at the same time. I can only sleep after finish charging all camera gears and gadgets. So everytime after a trip, I usually exhausted and lack of sleep

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Honestly, I am not complaining about it but to write it down as part of my memories. I am grateful that this year 2017 has been a very happening year where I travel to Philippines, Sihanoukville (Cambodia), taking the cruise to Singapore, Phuket, Macleod Island and so many more diving paradise like Taaras Redang, Anilao (for Macro Photography) and Coron for the beautiful landscape.

This year I got myself a drone, the DJI Mavic Pro. It allows me to capture things from different perspective and I am still learning how to control it fly beautifully in the air. I almost lost it in Bangkok because signal lost but thankfully Mavic Pro has the smart Go-Home feature that will automatically come back to fly-off point safely. So for all drone user out there, remember to wait till your drone are ready andhas the home-point marked down =)

Below is my travelog done for Sihanoukville and first time incorporated drone footage into it. So do have a look okay??

Ever since Instagrammers and YouTubers became the mainstream media a.k.a. KOL (Key Opinion Leader), I've somehow abandoned this space due to the time invested in drafting perfect looking instagram post and spending hours and days to edit just a 3 minutes travelog.

I admit that I am not consistent enough in creating contents on blog and YouTube but I do try posting daily on Instagram. So do check out www.instagram.com/tianchad and Turn-On Post Notification okay?? (Because Instagram Algorithm has already been freaked-up) It is hard to see what my friend posting recently unless I purposely type their username and see their latest posting. Nowadays, posting that show more body part seems to get more attentions.

On a side note, if you are client that want to improve Google Search Result (SEO), don't forget about bloggers who putting so much efforts in creating quality contents yo. Google and Facebook are not friends so what you've posted on Instagram/Facebook doesn't necessary appear on Google Search. That's why bloggers who write original content is crucial in helping you putting content out there. Most important thing is, they are create ORIGINAL contents but not sharing just your press release.

Recently I received a call from a PR, I didn't manage to attend their event but they still need coverage. Hence they offered a "goodie bag" in exchange of coverage. Oh well, I am not sure since when goodie bags has become some sorts of rewards for blogger to create content. Unless it can really improve my life or at least feed me lah hahhaa

Okie, enough with my random writing on this space because I don't think people nowadays read lengthy content anyway. But if you are one who read all the way till the end. Congratz! Hope I didn't waste your time and

Let me kow what do you think about Social Media scene nowadays

All right, I am boarding the flight now. See you guys soon!

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