11 Things To Do Before Buying New Camera Smartphone

11 Things You Should Do Before Buying New Smartphone

11 Things You Should Do Before Buying New Smartphone

Today I am sharing my personal tips including recommended things you should do before buying a new smartphone with good camera. It might be simple but these are helpful tips for you who love mobile photography =) So read it below!

1. Do you WANT it or NEED it?
First thing first, technology improve so quickly that the moment you get a new phone, a better one come out a few months later and you asked yourselves, "Why didn't I wait for the newer one?!" Well this happened to me and it was the best choice when I want a new phone. Therefore the moment I am checking out new gadgets, this is the question I keep asking to myself. Nowadays I only buy gears that I really need even-though I want them all. Even camera nowadays has involve so quick that I can hardly stay updated. Remember, it is your photography skill and knowledge that's more important than owning the latest gear, even a simple smartphone can help you to capture precious moments. So my point is, buy only the new phone when you need it. Or else, add to your Wish-list and buy it when you have extra money to spend haha

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2. What's your Budget?
A good smartphone nowadays ranging from RM500- RM5000 easily. The price varies depends on the specification and of course branding. That's why Prada bag selling at its premium price while you might able to find an identical one at Petaling Street for just 10% of the selling price. In my personal opinion, a good and  'boleh tahan' smartphone will cost at least RM700 for daily usage. This include a smartphone with good performance processor, dual-cameras and minimum 32GB internal storage (64GB for user who take many photos and videos). Long battery life and whole-day usage is also very important.

I just got myself the latest Samsung Note 8 because I really love its fast performance, dual-camera and of course the very useful stylus other than the infinity screen. It cost me RM4000 but if you shop it online using the right discount code, you can save up to RM400 or more and keep it as travel fund to Bangkok. Why Bangkok? Because itt's just one of many travel destinations that we love hahaha

Look at this Note 8's screen, isn't it beautiful? =)
Look at this Note 8's screen, isn't it beautiful? =)

3. Megapixels vs Aperture
Smartphone nowadays offer higher Mega Pixels photos, but what matter more is actually the aperture (F1.7 and above) . The lower the number the better it perform especially at low-light or night photography. We tend to take photos indoor with limited lighting hence the smartphone with better aperture actually shoot better photos, as you can take brighter photo even in the dark. Best when they offer Manual/Professional Mode that allow you to change your photography setting entirely.

It is the Manual Mode that decide if your smartphone can shoot the stars at night, northern light or long exposure shots.

Fast moving action captured using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Burst Mode
Fast moving action captured using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Burst Mode

4. Dual-Camera or Single lens?
On my personal view, if you want to achieve photo effect that taken using DSLR camera, definitely get a smartphone with dual lenses. This is because you can blur out the background while making your subject pop-out from the picture. I've start to take more photo using my Note 8 because it is so easy and light to just take out my camera and shoot. Check out my latest post on Instagram. This was taken using Note 8 Dual-Cameras. The model does really stand-out from the photo right?  In iPhones they call it Portrait Mode, in Samsung they call it 'Live Focus', in Xiaomi they call it 'Portrait Mode' too

Photos captured using 'Portrait Mode' on Xiaomi Mi A1 can make your subject stands out from the background
Photos captured using 'Portrait Mode' on Xiaomi Mi A1 can make your subject stands out from the background

5. Good Front-Facing Camera for selfies 

For selfies lover like me, you should check what's the aperture and mega pixels of your front camera. It will define how your selfie looks. I'm in love with Note 8 front camera because it has correct autofucus and beauty effect. But nowadays we have front facing dual-camera smartphones too! So if you love blur background with your portrait stand out from it. Go for that phone~

I seldom use my #TCFisheye lens for selfies now because it is so convenient to selfie using smartphone now!

Lowlight selfie with friend after completed our duties for Tioman Island Conservation Day (TICD) 2017
Lowlight selfie with friend after completed our  duty for Tioman Island Conservation Day (TICD) 2017 

6. Camera Stabilization
It seems not important, but this is the key point to help you take nice, clear photos AND video. Just like my recent video shoot at Gem Tang Live in KL concert using Samsung S8+. It was clear and stabilized well without shaky footage. I love it!

[LIVE] 漂向北方 - 邓紫棋 x 黄明志 Live In KL (合唱版) #gemtang #namewee 他们还拥抱叻

7. Battery Life
If you are a heavy social media user, bring a power-bank with you no matter how fast your smartphone battery can last. Other than that, go for a smartphone that offer Speed-Charge or Wireless Charging to decrease the cable hassle. 

8. Water Resistance
It is good to have a water resistance phone, because no one would like to have a brick phone when it accidentally dropped into the pool, especially when your friend decided to throw you into the swimming pool as a birthday surprise. It happened to my friends, so good advice to share with you guys.

9. Read online reviews you can find
Since there are so many brands and models of phone out there. The best way to choose your suitable new smartphone is to read more online review. Here are some smartphone reviews in Malaysia. You may choose to watch review videos on YouTube if you prefer motion pictures. If you are looking for budget smartphone for yourself (or even your parent), check out this recommendation post of smartphone below RM1k.

Some helpful articles about gadgets and technology by ProductNation
Some helpful articles about gadgets and technology by ProductNation
Once you've finalize until left two smartphones, use this tips when you google search. For example, google search "Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X". There will be plenty of website offering detailed comparison of the mentioned smartphone. You will able to decide which to go for.

I do write gadget review too (Recently reviewd Xiaomi Mi A1 Malaysia set), but I don't write as fast as all the other professional gadget reviewers out there. Hence I share with you the link that I visit instead =)

10. Got a choice? Start survey online Store!
Now you can survey for price at the physical and online store. (usually cheaper to buy online) Do check the reviews/feedback on the vendor profile page as it will help you justify the genuine online store. There's always risk when buy online, but if you buy from a legitimated online store, it will save you money. If you buy from their official online store in Shopee/Lazada, that will give you better assurance on claiming product warranty too.

Stay tuned for Lazada Online Sales!!
Stay tuned for Lazada Online Sales!!

11. Last step before purchase, get a voucher code!
Sometimes when there is online sales, online vendor or shopping mall will offer discount code for you to save more money. So my tips for you is "If you can wait, add your favourite items to your online shopping cart and wait for the upcoming sales!". Usually Lazada, Shopee and more online stores will give limited number of discount voucher for users to redeem. I've manage to save a lot during my recent 11.11 online purchase =)

Extra Tips: Always check out my instagram photos taken using latest smartphone
As time goes by, I will share with you some nice photos taken using just the camera smartphone. Follow @tianchad on instagram because I will always use the recommended and my favourite mobile phone to take photos. (or even nice travel video taken with just the smartphone)

So start follow now and switch on the post notifications! By the way, stay tuned for the upcoming Black Friday (24th November 2017) and 12-12 Online Revolution sales! I can assure you tons of amazing deal awaiting you!!

Basically this post is very similar to Things to do before buying a new camera. So do feel free to share or tag a friend with this post if they ask you the question =) Hope this help!

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