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[Video] Underwater & Scuba Diving At Mabul Island, Sabah #ProveYourself

[Prove Yourself: Enjoy New Journeys] Here's my 2nd travel video recorded at Mabul Island. Mainly are underwater footage recorded using FDR-X1000V Action Cam with the AKA-DDX1K dive door (up to 60m)#Sony #ActionCam #ProveYourself #TravelwithActionCam
Scuba Diving @ Mabul Island, Malaysia #ProveYourself 
Hope you start to fall in love with diving or love it even more after watch this video! Below will have some photos captured solely using FDR-X1000V Action Cam and simple edit using Adobe Lightroom. I love the 170 degrees wide photos and you will definitely able to see it from pictures below.

Tourism Malaysia x Seeties: Share Malaysia Wonders with Thailand. Black Widow won!!

As I blogged about it earlier this month, I was out there together with 9 bloggers from Thailand and 9 bloggers from Malaysia for a challenge in exploring the city together during Malaysia Wonders challenge. It was a fun but short trip to get to know new blogger friends but I am glad I did came for this challenge. It definitely reminds me my previous blogging challenge few years back.
In short, there were total three challenges for us to complete at the end of the day and I am quite happy when our team won the Best Mocktail Design Category in Grand Millennium KL Hotel. Let me try to make short story of what we did that day kay??

Chicken Spaghetti??

So after a long week travel to Japan, I was tired but happy that I was lucky enough to experience my first autumn in Shinjuku and a few more beautiful places. Thanks The Wedding Notebook and Hilton Tokyo for the sponsored stay and air tickets. (I won it from their Instagram contest) Can you imagine that you can easily walked up to 17km a day in Disneysea itself?? My legs were tired like hell at the end of the day. Luckily the place I stay have instant hot water so I can dip my legs in the tub for a quick recovery.
Today I wanna rant bout something that I encounter on the flight during my way back to Malaysia. So far I was satisfied with the services given by the airline but I was really disappointed when I met a male stewardess that looks professional but act the other way round.

LOVE N MUSIC CONCERT ft Geraldine Gan, Nicole Lai and Uriah See - 19th December @ KL Live

As William Shakespeare once said, “If Music be the food of Love, play on!” In line with this famous saying, Astro today announced a star-studded evening of LOVE N MUSIC, featuring a LIVE performance from its Astro Star Quest winners;Geraldine Gan (2011), Nicole Lai (2012) and Uriah See (2014)at KL Live, Life Centre on Saturday 19th December 2015 at 8.30pm.
The “LOVE N MUSIC” concert promises to be a spectacular event as renowned local artistes will perform heartwarming and classic hits from different eras accompanied by a live band in conjunction with the year-end festivities.The audience can expect to be serenaded by familiar tunes, grand classics includingthe latest songs in English, Chinese, Malay and even Italian.

My Trip To Mabul Island #ProveYourself

Hey guys, I've been busy travelling without my laptop for the past few weeks hence I didn't draft any post until today! Finally I got something nice to share with you guys and this is just the beginning of me sharing my travel journeys through my new action cam!!

Few weeks back I've been engaged by Sony for their Action Cam campaign – ‘Prove Yourself: Enjoy New Journeys’ and throughout my travels I will be using FDR-X1000V Action Cam to record my travels and share out the visual stories. 
This is actually my first travel video recorded and created solely by using FDR-X100V Action Cam and the Highlight Movie Maker for a their quick 2 minutes highlight video feature.  All I need to do was choosing desired videos of the day, set the video length to 2 minutes, and choose background music for the video. Although the Highlight Movie Maker was not perfect in doing what I desired, the video below was completed within 3 minutes and I think the editing was kinda cool. Especially whe…

Tourism Malaysia x Seeties: Malaysia Wonders Bloggers Challenge In KL

Yo guys, here's a quick announcement. In conjunction with collaboration between Tourism Malaysia and Seeties, there will be bloggers missions that will be happen in Kuala Lumpur and I will be one of the Malaysia blogger being there to assist Thai blogger for their missions in town.
"Tourism Malaysia together with Seeties - a mobile application to look for local places and experience to see, eat and play - are bringing together nine bloggers from Thailand to experience true, local Malaysia and collect joyful moments of this journey back to Thailand. This campaign highlights Malaysia's hidden gems through the eyes of locals from chowing down at the street food stalls of Penang, letting loose at the hot spring of Ipoh and experiencing true wonders of Kuala Lumpur."The Thai bloggers will partner with nine Malaysian bloggers to go through a series of cultural exchange, challenges and share their collections of experiences in Seeties." It has been a while for blogging…

Stay Healthy & Get Rewarded

Since many years ago, I've been telling myself that I need to keep fit since my baby belly is getting bigger after consuming so many good foods. However, I only manage to 'motivate' myself to go to the gym more frequently starting June 2015.  All thanks to my close friends who were being straightforward and told me, "Wah TianChad you fat liao". That arrow just stroked my heart and that's when I made a decision. *I do appreciate having friends who giving tough advice although sometimes they are just too straightforward haha*

Knowing that my tummy will continue get bigger if I don't start to do something, I started small by swimming, visit the gym more often and playing with dumbbells. Now is the era where people tend to have a healthier lifestyle in order to stay fit and healthy. Not only you will look better and more confident in person, that's the main motivation for us to continue enjoy Malaysia's authentic and delicious food!!

《Astro鍥介檯鍗庤灏忓绔為2015》鍐宠禌: Janice閽熺礌鏁忛潰闈勘鍒版憳鍐 #MACIP2015


鏉ヨ嚜鏌斾經鐨25宀佺ń鏌ュ憳Kathryn榄忔瀹浠ュ井宸垎鏁板潗浜氭湜鍐,鍚屾椂濂逛篃鏄湰灞婃渶涓婇暅灏忓;21宀佺殑澶т笓鐢Suk Nee闄堣祼鍊(鏉ヨ嚜闆叞鑾)褰撴櫄鐘舵佸ぇ鍕,椤哄埄鎶辫蛋瀛e啗。
娈垮啗鍜岀浜斿悕鍒嗗埆鐢辩敎缇庣殑Yuth棰滈煹鑺(23宀,闆叞鑾)鍜屽彛鎵嶅鍙楄偗瀹氱殑Siok Yee鏋楁窇瑁(23宀,鍚夋墦)鑾峰緱。Jany鏉庢槦浠(22宀,闆叞鑾)铏芥棤缂樿繘鍏ヤ簲寮,浣嗕汉姘旂敋楂樼殑濂规垚鍔熻幏寰楃敱鍏ㄦ皯鎶曢夌殑“鍏ㄦ皯濂崇”闄勫睘濂。

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