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[GIVEAWAY] RUNNING MAN RACE START SEASON Tickets by Hotlink & TianChad.com


Thanks to Hotlink, TianChad.com is giving away a pair of Running Man Cat 2 Tickets worth RM864 at this special day. Only ONE lucky and deserving winner will be selected this time so you better show me why you deserve this pair of tickets!! Not much time left and this flash giveaway will end on 12pm (31 Oct 2014). For more details, check out the contest post on my FB PAGE!!

PS: If you already got tickets, please give chance to others who haven't get the ticket ya! Share with your friend so they can join and win!!
#RBBootz First Cute Rabbit Video 

By the way I official introduce our new family member #RBBootz the new member in our family. #RBBootz is a lop eared rabbit and he is only 10 months old. We are now trying to teach him some skills while he can learn fast. Hopefully I can show you what #RBBootz can do (besides eating with cute face) in near future .

Exactly 12 hours left so if you are an avid fans of Running Man  who wanna meet them in person this Saturday, join the contest HERE!!

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