31 January 2012

CNY Bai Tian Gong Polis Datang 初九拜天公警察來

Thanks to neighbourhood who CNY Bai Tian Gong @ 初九拜天公 as this is the time I can witness many fireworks during midnight. I was watching NTV7 "The Super Match-Makers 媒人帮" then suddenly the fireworks started. Rushed out to the balcony with my DSLR and start snapping some left over.

CNY Bai Tian Gong Police Visit 初九拜天公警察來 |
Without tripod and proper focus 

CNY Bai Tian Gong Police Visit 初九拜天公警察來 |
Purple pink and green

CNY Bai Tian Gong Police Visit 初九拜天公警察來 |
I like this shimmering gold

CNY Bai Tian Gong Police Visit 初九拜天公警察來 |
the wind was kinda strong tonight and all fireworks blowing to one direction

CNY Bai Tian Gong Police Visit 初九拜天公警察來 |
A lady burning stuffs for god and the other neighbourhood burn firecrackers at second floor
My favourite photo of this post

CNY Bai Tian Gong Police Visit 初九拜天公警察來 |
The moment before last missile of fireworks

CNY Bai Tian Gong Police Visit 初九拜天公警察來 |
Suddenly... Police Datang!!! 

CNY Bai Tian Gong Police Visit 初九拜天公警察來 |
This picture may explain people who play fireworks/firecracker just now. Run!!!

I've met once during n times Chinese New Year and they were here to warn us not to play fireworks again. Tonight not sure they manage to get "ang pow" or not.

PS: Isn't it funny to see people(race other than Chinese) give you WHITE ang pow during Chinese New Year? That's so not respectful/dumb...~

Lats but not least, Happy Chinese New Year again! Gonna leave hometown tomorrow and let see who I will meet at the mountain! Doraemon maybe? =)

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30 January 2012

Evanescence Live In Malaysia 2012 @ KL Live

[Update]Evanescence was rocking awesome at the concert in KL Life just now! Thank you guys for coming to Malaysia. I will always remember Amy who always say 'Terima Kasih'! =)
Evanescence Concert in Malaysia KL Life |
Stay tuned for more updates!


Evanescence Live In Malaysia 2012 |
Evanescence Live In Malaysia @ KL Live
23rd February 2012

Evanescence Live In Malaysia will be held at KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL on Thursday, 23rd February at 8.30 pm. is brought to you by JS Concert Productions. Their album, Fallen, with the hits “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal” ; has sold more than 17 million copies worldwide and garnered them two Grammy Awards. Their latest self-titled third studio album Evanescence, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2011.
Evanescence was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody. After recording private albums, the band released their first full-length album, Fallen, on Wind-up Records in 2003. Fallen sold more than 17 million copies worldwide and helped the band win two Grammy Awards.

Evanescence's major label debut single "Bring Me to Life", featuring guest vocals from Paul McCoy of 12 Stones, was a global hit for the band and reached number 5 on the American Billboard Hot 100 It provided Evanescence with their first UK number-one single,[24] where it stayed for four weeks from June–July 2003. The song also became the official theme for WWE No Way Out 2003.

The equally popular "My Immortal" peaked at number 7 in the U.S. and UK charts, and both songs were featured in the soundtrack for the action movie Daredevil. "Bring Me to Life" was recognized at the 46th Grammy Awards in 2004, where the band won the Best Hard Rock Performance and Best New Artist awards and were nominated for two others.

The two other singles off Fallen are "Going Under" (#5 U.S. Modern Rock Tracks, #8 UK Charts) and "Everybody's Fool" (#36 U.S. Modern Rock Tracks,] #23 UK Charts); all were promoted by a music video.

A year later, Evanescence released their first live album, Anywhere but Home, which sold more than one million copies worldwide. In 2006, the band released their second studio album, The Open Door, which sold more than six million copies.

Announced in June 2009, the newest line-up of the band eventually returned with Evanescence, their self-titled third studio album, and it was released on October 11, 2011. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 127,000 copies in sales.The album also debuted at #1 on four other different Billboard charts; the Rock Albums, Digital Albums, Alternative Albums, and the Hard Rock Albums charts. The first single, "What You Want", was released on August 9, 2011. The second single, "My Heart Is Broken", is getting airplay all over the world right now.

On October 12, it was announced that the album will top the Billboard 200 on October 16, 2011 selling more than 110,000 copies in the United States. On October 19, 2011, the album topped the Billboard 200 selling more than 127,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan and it became Evanescence's second album to debut at number one on the same chart. It also managed to top the Digital Albums, Top Rock Albums, Alternative Albums and the Hard Rock Albums chart in the same country

Evanescence Live In Malaysia 2012 |
Seating Plan: Evanescence Live In Malaysia 2012 @ KL Live

To watch Evanescence Live In Malaysia one can purchase concert tickets at the following outlet; Rock Corner KLCC, Subang Parade, The Gardens, Midvalley Megamall, The Curve; Victoria Music Centre and The Guitar Store outlets and is priced @ RM 298 (Rock Zone); RM198 (JS Zone) RM 98 (Free Standing) For enquiries call Ticketpro Hotline : +603-78807999 or get your tickets online @

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, 21st December, early birds will get 20% discount vaild until January 31st.

To know more about Evanescence Live In Malaysia go to and

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27 January 2012

Understand What Men Want @ NTV7 Ep. 1 Review

It is said that women are complicated creatures. Have you ever thought that perhaps men are just as equally complicated and complex as the fairer sex? If not, this is a good opportunity for you to get to learn the wants, feelings and desires of the male gender when faced with all sorts of situations. Perhaps some would think that men can only relate to sexualised issues, but this myth will be debunked with ntv7’s latest reality series ‘What Men Want’. Beginning 28th January, every Saturday at 10 p.m., six men with completely different perspectives and personalities guide you through the intimate details of their lives as they pursue what they want in life.

What Men Want @ NTV7 |
Behind (L-R) - Mai Fernandez, Content Supervisor, Tan Yin Yin, Producer, Airin Zainul, Group GGM ntv7 & 8TV, Ahmad Izham Omar, COO TV Networks, MPB & CEO Primeworks, Emilya Ab. Rahim, Brand Manager ntv72

From the producers of the award-winning reality show, "What Women Want", this execution is a departure from that format. Local production house phoSumpro! brings a breath of fresh air into the well-established reality show genre. Committed to finding an avenue to let men honestly express themselves, the production house has stripped the show of judges, rewards and competition. There is no ultimate winner to be found here.

According to Ms. Airin Zainul, Group General Manager of ntv7 & 8TV, What Men Want is the first of its kind in Malaysia with unique and distinctive format that will surely keep its viewers entertained.

“We had a number of shows last year which focused on women. This year, we will balance it up with more men oriented programmes and what better way to kick-start it with What Men Want,” said Airin at the press conference held in ecoba Restaurant today.

What Men Want is a unique format, following the lives of 6 men from walks of life that are worlds apart. Far from being just another dating show, What Men Want truly investigates the ongoing debate. It will be a fresh and new experience for viewers, peeking into the lives of these men. The objective is to keep generalisations and stereotypes out of the picture. Instead, What Men Want offers a fresh perspective, as these men take on the task to courageously showcase 3-months of their lives to the rest of Malaysia. Audiences at home will see how the different mindsets of each man take to the realities of life that are pitted against them.

Content Supervisor Mai Fernandez says:

“Relationships merely skim the surface of what this show has to offer. There are neither judges to impress nor prizes to be won. The show is a social observation where each of the 6 participants move about in their daily routine with 2-3 cameras in tow. Three months of shoot yielded so much footage that have to be filtered to piece together compelling hour-long episodes. ”

Through months of careful searching and well-thought out selection, the final 6 guys make up the best possible combination to represent the different segments of Malaysian men. Their personalities spread wide across the various sectors of society, allowing viewers to relate to the experiences they have to share. What Men Want rummages through the most intimate phases of the male feelings, thinking and above all the mind. Issues at the work place, highly confidential family backgrounds, hidden intentions and even down to the contents of a personal diary, the show is peppered with twists and surprises that will stir its followers. Having the guys live together in one house throughout this period, the show has encouraged these men to form a social forum among themselves to share their answers and opinions to the long-standing question.

Producer Tan Yin Yin says that this program was able to capture the six men just being themselves. “Initially, all the participants were very image conscious and camera-aware, but as they became accustomed to the setup day in and day out, the awkwardness and façade faded. Multiple cameras were running throughout the production, some in plain sight, others hidden or shot from afar. Various lightweight and portable rigs were constructed to accommodate all possible shooting conditions with inconspicuous setups. This was important in the execution as it gave the men their breathing room throughout the 3 months.”

What Men Want @ NTV7 |
Gerrit @ What Men Want
Gerrit is one guy who knows how to play his game, and claims to always get what he wants. He talks the talk and walks the walk. Some may see him as the full-on player with a heart of stone. But then again, What Men Want stands away from creating stereotypes.

What Men Want @ NTV7 |
Fendi @ What Men Want
Fendi gives us a taste of Mafia-styled confidentiality and lavishness. At times, he might even come across as an overly conceited snob, but also proves himself to be a man with a big heart. Why would a man like him end up joining a reality show? To break away from his mould perhaps.

What Men Want @ NTV7 |
Narmi @ What Men Want
Some may insist that romance never leaves the comfort of human feelings and emotions. Singer-songwriter Narmi is out to prove this. Ever enjoying the emotional rollercoaster of being in love, he would do nothing less than to make his girl the star of his fairytale. Despite facing heartaches and rejections, his perception of love has yet to change. Away from his devotion to the female species, he shows to be nothing less than a good friend.

What Men Want @ NTV7 |
Kit @ What Men Want
Kit lives by the motivation that nothing comes before his mother. The filial son has his life going turbulence-free. With the support of his mother's thoughtful guidance and the long lasting love of his high school sweetheart, Kit shares his nearly perfect life with the rest of Malaysia.

What Men Want @ NTV7 |
Ken @ What Men Want
At first sight, Ken comes across as a tough samseng you wouldn't want to mess with. But he is probably the one with a heart as soft as a marshmallow, Ken shows us that men are as sensitive and mellow as women claim themselves to be. Self-appraisal seems to be irrelevant in his daily agenda, but his highly observant nature leaves him with plenty of stories to tell. His unconditional dedication to his time consuming girlfriend sets him apart from the generalised perception of chauvinistic macho men.

What Men Want @ NTV7 |
Wolfie @ What Men Want
Lastly, Imran or more commonly known as Wolfie is the full-on clown. A very lively, bubbly and sometimes annoying character, his cheeky ways adds the comical ingredient into the group. He is the one guy who doesn't seem to have a distinct purpose in life, he represents those who are facing a transition in life filled with indecision that is muffled by a carefree outlook.

The beautiful Deanna Yusoff hosts the show. Content Supervisor Mai Fernandez and Producer Tan Yin Yin say she was invaluable on shoot.
“Her maturity, quick perception, insight on the subject matter and natural elegance makes her a perfect fit for the show. We’re really lucky to have her on board.”

“In this show we clearly see that there is no one answer to what men want. It’s not just about sex, flashy cars or money. Men do have feelings; men can change; men do care about a lot of other things and are just as complex as us, women. The show captures these moments because they are filmed in intimate situations.” says Deanna Yusoff.

This reality series has 13 one-hour-long episodes that will delve deeper into the male psyche and serve as a jumpstart to social discussions. It is time to experience reality TV on a whole new level with ‘What Men Want’ starting 28th January, every Saturday at 10 p.m. only on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good.


Courtesy of NTV7, I was one of the person given privileges to watch the premiere of What Men Want before other people does. Overall, I like how phoSumpro manage to record these live stories down without forgetting the artistic angle of capturing motion images. It does looks like a TV Series/movie BUT with real-life stories. All 6 guys do have different characteristics, let's start from the most attractive guy name Gerrit. He looks like a playboy for me and really proud of what he did and that's why fire sparks were ignited when he meet Fendi, a guy who sounds reliable and responsible with everything he do. In WMW Episode 1, it seems like Fendi was trying to make a change in his life.

Talking about Narmi (Imran) a Zee Avi type singer, he said he is a guy who definite love as below "I like the feeling of being hurt(heart) and then when reach the moment of happiness it makes you feel even more being loved". Maybe what Imran means is if there isn't any sadness in your love relationship, you won't be appreciate the happiest moment that happened with your girlfriend? Together with Wolfie, a playful sneaky guy who likes to do something very different to grab your attention. Wolfie looks like having a "secret mission" in WMW along the 3 months and I guess nobody manage to guess what he would do in the next step. A guy who is as complicate as a girl.

Kit, a guy who respect and love his mom very much. In Episode 1 it reveals that he doesn't want his girlfriend to go out and work to earn for money as Kit think it is his responsibility to take care of both mom and his girlfriend. Last but not least, Ken, a super loving guy that would follow almost everything that his girlfriend want him to do. In WMW Episode 1, Ken never complain although her girlfriend was late, he looks like a very good follower among the crowd but Kit doesn't like the situation where he feels Ken was treated like a puppy that serve his master well.

What would happen when 6 different type of guy are gathered to live together for 3 months? Surely you will able to see what men want and what happened when they have different perspective.
For updates and more information, follow ntv7 What Men Want on Twitter [@ntv7wmw] and What Men Want Facebook, or log on to

What Men Want @ NTV7 |
(L-R) Fendi, Ken, Kit, Wolfie, Narmi, Gerrit @ What Men Want Press Conference
The Wants and Desires of Men Revealed

So ladies, what type of guy do you prefer? An attractive guy that is very sociable and playful? A mature & confident guy but reluctant to make a change? A singer that can sing you sweet songs everyday? A responsible guy that love his mom as much (or even more) as he love you? A very adorable boyfriend that do what ever you ask/order? To know more about What Men Want, stay tune to the premiere on 28th January, Saturday at 10 p.m or watch it online on

PS: All above pictures are credits to the official photographer of NTV7. I did took some pictures but it is not with me now. If you wanna see more photos, comment below kay? Haha!

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26 January 2012

Cute Puppy & Jerry @ CNY

How was your day going? I believe today tons of people back to work already and I wish you all "開工大吉" =) Here's a cute puppy and a handsome guy to enlighten your day! Hahaha!

Black Puppy @ CNY Waving Say Hi |
Black Puppy @ CNY Waving Say Hi!

This black puppy is one of the cute puppies in my girlfriend's Melaka House. He is quite furry and simply cute la =) Gonna visit friend's house for CNY greeting and hope to meet more friends soon!

PS: Sorry for little update as it is still time to enjoy during this festive season! and yes, his name is Jerry.

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25 January 2012

Kong Ming Lantern with Best Wishes 2012

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrating it and Happy Holiday to all who having a good break along this festive season! This whole week I am glad I am busy with family and friends especially being able to capture group photo of family members "全家福". All the laughs and smiling faces are worth to be captured and to be remember.

PS: Have you watched Happy Family@哈比全家福?

Few hours ago me and a bunch of friends lighted up Kong Ming Lanterns after made some wishes. I made some wishes too and hope they will reveal themselves in near future =) This is the best moment to"Look at the bright side (my site)" and stay positive as always!

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 |
Kong Ming Lantern @ 孔明燈

Lasy but not least....
I wish you all 龍運當頭!!

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22 January 2012

Instant Photoshoot @NuffnangMY Office w Awesome Nuffies

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
It was 28th December 2011 and I visited Nuffnang office for something. Christmas Tree was still there. Somehow my snapping mode arises and started to snap photos with Nuffies in the office. Hard to use bounce flash cos Nuffnang office were so orange! Luckily the Beanbag room lighting is better!

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Anne and Thara

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Nicholas (birthday boy on 28th), Anne, Sue and Thara

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Be creative with pose!

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Fara and Joel were surprised when I hed to the bean bag room *tsk tsk*

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Anne with her magic "wand"

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Relaxing working environment in the Beanbag room *brainstorming+serious face*

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
I wonder when do Nuffies play these during working time

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Different pose FTW! @churp2 floating in the air

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Anne and Sue

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Fara++ and Anne with _____ face
You name it

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Joe"L" with the teh ais

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Pose #1

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Pose  #2

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Pose  #3

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Thanks Sue for this photo =D

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
@churp2 gonna fly again

Nuffnang instant Photoshoot |  All right Big head @churp2 with little wing at last can fly
*Look at the bright side*

Instant Photoshoot @ Nuffnang Office |
Last but not least, happy birthday to Nicholas in year 2011
*Same birthday with my sis O.o*

It's CNY season now and I hope everyone is having a good holiday break and especially my Chinese friends to have reunion dinner soon with your family members!! I wish I get more ang pow for a better lens/camera. Huat ar!!!

PS: Vignette effect is added using new Picasa3. Among all photos, which Nuffie is the best poser? ;p

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20 January 2012

Win Ducati Monster 795 & Cash with RHB Now Racer!

Dong dong chiang! Have you get your salary earlier in conjunction with Chinese New Year? I hope you do =) I believe some of you especially parents who are busy visiting the bank to withdraw money for ang pows (luckily I am not married yet haha). The bank will be very pack especially during lunch time!

From what I experienced before, visiting the bank during lunch time is a big no no as everyone is there to do their money transaction. Imagine tons of people looking for parking around the bank, weather was hot and you parked your car so far... That's why I learn to use internet banking to ease my life. Now I just need to have internet on my PC or even mobile phone to do any money transaction. It is really convenient and easy for me to pay my phone bills, online purchase including movie tickets, camera gear and also new clothes!

What if I tell you now that by do more internet banking and play FB game (either on your computer or mobile phone) you can win great prizes? How bout tons of cash prizes including a legendaey Ducati monster 795?

RHB Now Racer Ducati Contest |

The RHB Now Racer is a game developed by RHB Now for customers to win exciting prizes. The game can be played numerous times, however the scores will only be recorded when you make transactions on RHB Now, Internet & Mobile Banking. This promotion will be valid from the 20th of January until the 15th of March 2012.. RHB will be giving away 3 Ducati Monster 795, 7 consolation prizes as well as 10 weekly prizes to the top scorers.

RHB Now Racer Ducati Contest |
You need to sign up with RHB Now, transact and play the game online to win weekly prizes and qualify for Grand Finale to win one of three Ducati Monster 795!

The RHB Now Racer is a simple yet exciting third person racing game which can be played via your Internet or mobile device. Take on the role of RHB Now’s Avatar riding a legendary Ducati bike. The objective is to maneuver along one of 8 racing tracks, which is unlocked weekly, whilst meticulously dodging and jumping over various obstacles along the way such as sticky tar on the road and giant spikes. To achieve high scores, you will need to pick up as much treasure as possible and cover as much distance as you can within the given time limit. It’s that simple!

RHB Now Racer Ducati Contest |
I have tried a few times racing my way to a Ducati. All I need to do is to get as many 'diamonds' as I can while dodging the obstacles =)


Game Tips: You can actually double jump so you can float on the air avoid the obstacles =) Diamond give higher points but remember to avoid those obstacles as your travel distance give high score too.

RHB Now Racer Ducati Contest |
The 3D effects is really cool and you should try some cool action in this RHB Now Racer
I'm gonna float in the air!

RHB Now Racer Ducati Contest |
My current high score is 69,252! If you think you can beat my score, start playing now @ RHB Now Racer!

Here are the great prizes that stand to be won:

Grand Prize – Ducati Monster 795 + Leather Jacket
1st Runner Up – Ducati Monster 795 + Sweat Jacket
2nd Runner Up – Ducati Monster 795 + Ducati T-shirt

Race your way to a Ducati by playing RHB Now Racer!! Don't forget there are tons of cash prizes awaiting you too! Vroom vroom! Visit HERE now!

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18 January 2012

Happy Family 哈比全家福 @ NTV7 | Red Carpet [PHOTOS]

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot
Happy Family 哈比全家福
Live on NTV7 @ 23th January [10 PM]

If there’s one thing that all Malaysians should be proud of this Chinese New Year is the cutting edge production of ntv7’s 2nd Chinese New Year telemovie – Happy Family 哈比全家福. Following its hugely successful CNY telemovie debut last year, ntv7 is back to shake up the Lunar New Year with its daring and bold production which stars some of Malaysia’s best actors in the Chinese entertainment industry. The telemovie is slated to premiere on the first day of Chinese New Year, 23rd January at 10 p.m. Viewers will be able to enjoy their favourite CNY movie in the comfort of their homes, with world class cinematographic and amazing storyline.

《哈比全家福》预告片[1分钟完整版] Happy Family Trailer

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot
Young Yang Cong and his dad

Some lucky fans of ntv7 were given a treat to be among the first to watch this cutting edge production during its private screening at Cathay Cineplex on January 10th. There was more in the box of treats than what the fans thought as they were able to catch Happy Family’s main cast gracing the red carpet at the cinema in Mutiara Damansara. [Which I will share at the end of this post]

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot
Family members brought to life using 'Happy Potion'

Back as main cast in this second telemovie are William San 辛伟廉, Wayne Chua 蔡佩璇, Yeo Yann Yann 杨雁雁 (Best Actress, Golden Awards 2010), Frederick Lee 李洺中, Mayjune Tan 陈美君, Leslie Chai 蔡河立, Lim Jing Miao 林静苗, Tiang Kah Chee 程珈琪, Aenie Wong 王淑君, Kyo Chen 庄仲维, and Jack Yap 叶朝明. Joining the telemovie production for the first time are none other than Golden Awards 2010 Most Popular Actress, Debbie Goh吴天瑜 veteran actress, Pearlly Chua 蔡宝珠, 梁雅高 as well as up and rising star, Adrian Tan 陈凯旋.

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot
Father and son moments - Sharing about Chicken Butt haha

The telemovie tells the magical and mysterious happenings in a family when one of its family members accidentally brought to life the people from a family portrait with a “happy potion” (哈比水) that she uses to wipe the picture. With its witty storyline and star-studded cast, this telemovie will surely bring laughter and feel good moments to the entire family.

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot
Can YangMei and YangYang survive from the motor ride?

“We would like to thank all of you for your great support which made our first Chinese New Year telemovie – The Superb Match Makers 媒人帮 – a big hit when we aired it on the first day of Lunar New Year last year. The telemovie was rated the most watched programme at that particular time slot amongst all channels,” said Lai Cheah Yee, Manager, Brand Management Group of ntv7.

“This gives us the motivation to continue on our success by providing world-class and quality content for the discerning audience. In this upcoming telemovie, we are glad to present to you an amazing storyline and a strong line-up of talented cast that goes with it,” she added.

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot
THREE people on the same ride. Fuyoh!
*see the tyres*

Happy Family 哈比全家福 Synopsis:
The story introduces newlywed Yang Cong 杨聪 (William San) and Li Jia Xin 李嘉欣(Wayne Chua) who returns to their hometown in Kajang after a very long time, not knowing that they will be getting into a lot of unfortunate events later. Cong is the middle child in his family, with an elder brother, Yang Yang 杨扬 (Frederick Lee) and his two younger non-identical twins – Yang Guo 杨过(Adrian Tan) and Yang Mei 杨梅 (Lim Jing Miao).

Cong’s relationship with his family is shattered as they would argue over small matters all the time. To Cong, his elder brother, Yang Yang is not aggressive enough and would take a long time to settle small matters. Cong also dislikes both his parents whereby his mother, Lin Lai Jiao 林来娇(Pearlly Chua) would often get herself into trouble when she lends her hand to others, while his stubborn and old fashioned father is regarded as the worst family member to him. His twin siblings on the other hand, would often give him unwanted headache as they are both very different from each other although being twins. The only family member that Cong would miss is his late grandfather (萧裴弘), whom he spent most of his childhood days with.

Meanwhile, as anticipated by Cong, the atmosphere in his house turns out to be awkward the moment he and his wife, Jia Xin steps in. Cong’s mother then tries her best to change the mood by bringing up the family trip they planned for the next day, without Cong and his wife’s knowledge. Upset with his family’s treatment, Cong left and hides in his room.

The angry and tired Cong soon fell asleep and dream of his childhood, where he spent most of his time with his late grandfather in his carpentry workshop behind their house. The place reminds Cong the wish that he had when he was young. He wanted to replace all his family members whom he dislikes.

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot
Adrian's outfit is the most 70's

The next morning of the first day of Chinese New Year, Cong is surprise to see that his family members are still at home and not at the trip that they talked about last night. Little did he know that the family members in front of him are not his real family members but the ones who came out from the family portrait.

His wife, Jia Xin then explains to Cong about how she brought to life the family members from the portrait with the “happy potion” that she accidentally used to wipe the picture. Cong who is still in shock, decides to test them with various ways but fails to prove them as his real family members.

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot
The moment Yang Cong and wife figured out they brought them life from pictures
He then quickly finds ways to send them back to the family portrait where they came from but to no avail. He now has to live with the all new family members who had total opposite characters of his real family!

Meanwhile, Cong’s new mother who is bored takes the “happy potion” and wipes it on the other family portrait where her twin “jajabo sisters” (Tiang Kah Chee and Aenie Wong) – from the 70s are brought to life. Cong and his wife’s misery is doubled later with more visitors from their neighbourhood like the Wan siblings – Wan Ren Mi (Leslie Chai) and Wan Jin You (Yeo Yann Yann, Golden Awards Best Actress 2010), who has a crush on Yang Yang. Cong’s rich and nosy cousins – Fu Gui (Debbie Goh, Golden Awards Most Popular Actress 2010) and Fu Hao (Kyo Chen) also make an appearance later in the show.

Cong who had enough of the mess created by his new family members decides to “send” them back to the family portrait. As he was carrying out his plan, Cong accidentally breaks the photo frame. Cong and Xin is now forced to continue to stay under one roof with their new family and begin developing strong feelings for them soon after. Cong and Xin later worried about explaining the situation to the real family members when they are back the day after. Meanwhile, yet another surprise unfold with the new family members disappearing.

Cong then tries to look for the “happy potion” to bring them back but to his disappointment, it has all been used up. He then seeks solitary in the carpentry workshop behind his house. He fell asleep and dream of his late grandfather again. Will his relationship with his real family members change for good? Will he ever meet back his new family members?

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NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 Screenshot

Actress Wayne Chua who plays Li Jia Xin in the telemovie said that the process of filming this movie was very much a group effort that required many rehearsals. “As many of us were unfamiliar with filming ensemble scenes, we needed many rehearsals before the actual filming of the scenes. This was definitely not a one-man show, “she said.

William San agreed and added that there are many touching scenes in this telemovie that will make you reflect. “There are so many touching family scenes; so much so that some Malaysians might find it awkward when watching with their families because of our culture to not verbally express our feelings and love towards our family members,” he said.

However, he added that Happy Family would be a very good family-movie choice for the whole household on the Lunar New Year. It wasn’t only William who felt that way but the entire cast when some are spotted shedding tears after the screening of the telemovie including the bubbly, Lim Jing Miao. “Happy Family is such a precious movie and it has reminded me to spend my time with my family this Chinese New Year as I’ve never gone home for the past few years during this big celebration.

Watch the story unfolds on ntv7 when Happy Family premiers on the first day of Lunar New Year, 23rd January 2012 at 10 p.m.

Thanks to ntv7, I was invited together with my girlfriend to the red carpet screening @ Cathay Cineleisure. It feel so good to see local artist dressed up nicely walk on the red carpet. I foresee Malaysia's entertainment keep on growing and all celebrities+actors will make Malaysia even more proud! (PS: with continuous support from you guys on NTV7 & oneFM will surely helps)

Below are VIPs and actors of Happy Family invited to walk on the Red Carpet =) Although the venue is small but it is better than none right? =D

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Soo Vincci 苏盈之, 王骏, Cindy陈思颐

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Coby 庄可比, Ernest 张顺源

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Nimal 卜暐洛, Chrystina 黄玮瑄, Jeff Lim 林志桀

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Winson 温胜光, Desmond 郑瑞钥, Vivian 蔡忆雯

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
吕爱琼, 秦文彬, 吳維彬

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Long time never see her. She is getting older and hope she stay healthy as always =)

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Alvin Wong 王骏, Jordan Voon 温绍平

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Lawrence 王冠逸, oneFM Suki, oneFM Jane 黄明慧

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Jane 黄明慧

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Orange 陈慧恬, Wind 李诗斌, Mei Sim 云镁鑫
MeiSim with short hair and Orang with super skinny legs

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Amy王明丽, Gary 叶俊岑, 蒋珮珮

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Kelvin刘冠伸, KK, Natalie 小玉

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Wayne Thong 唐纬颜, Nicholas Ong 翁书尉, Rickman 谢承伟

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Wayne Thong 唐纬颜, Nicholas Ong 翁书尉, Rickman 谢承伟
All three of them can talk a lot

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
The huge crowd that support Happy Family and Malaysia awesome artists
Spotted yourself?

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Felix 陈炳丰, Kethsvin 池家庆

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Pearlly Chua 蔡宝珠, 梁雅高

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Jack Yap 叶朝明 , Mayjune Tan 陈美君
Mayjune looks really pretty in this dress

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Aenie 王淑君,程珈琪
The sisters

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
杨雁雁,Kyo 庄仲维
Holding hands

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Adrian 陈凯旋, 林静苗, Frederick 李洺中
*Slow motion walking in*

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Frederick 李洺中, 林静苗, Adrian 陈凯旋
Miao waving back to the crowd who greet her

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Grab mic to speak!

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
There is a song in Happy Family by three of them

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Brothers and sister @ Happy Family

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Lovely couple - William San 辛伟廉 & Wayne Chua 蔡佩璇 under paparazzi

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
William San 辛伟廉, Wayne Chua 蔡佩璇Wayne's dress is elegant =)

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
The kiss that amazed the audience

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Group photo of Happy Family casting crew

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Hugging time

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Happy family there they are!

NTV7 Happy Family 哈比全家福 CNY Screening Red Carpet |
Executive Producer: Felix Tan
Director: Kethsvin Chee
Airing date: First day of Lunar New Year, 23rd January 2012 at 10 p.m.
Duration: 2 hours
Production house: Dreamteam Studio
Main sponsor: Yeo’s
Official radio: one FM

《阖家团圆一起发 2012》全家福MV

Happy Family 哈比全家福 Review:
Happy Family is a comedy that suitable for everyone especially family to watch. A picture means a thousand words. The casting and production crew manage to enhance the importance of taking group family photos during Chinese New Year.

I will always remember Miao Miao's act in this telemovie for sure. Oh ya, Jake's acting also good too. That funny Thai accent. Haha! Imagine three people riding the same motorcycle. How I wish I can have the "Happy Potion" too =)

Looking forward for their next artwork that can be watch in the cinema starting next year!

Happy Family premiers on the first day of Lunar New Year @ ntv7 , 23rd January 2012 at 10 p.m.

PS: For more photos taken at Red Carpet please head to my Facebook page and like+share your favourite picture! I really put a lot of efforts on this post =)

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