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The Fate of A Fluffy Bear

When a girl receive a cute bear as gift, she can love it till bring it along to anywhere. For example, bring the lovely bear along for a tasting trip to Nadeje Mille Crepe in Melaka. The cake is really tasty and I recommend you guys to go there =) The shop is located at Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. As for the services I hope they had improved.

I do like bear too, especially Rilakkuma. The name just suit it so well. "Rilak la" =p

But what happen when that girl being hurt by the cruel boyfriend? This might be the fate of that bear...

Feb 14 just passed not long a go and March 14 is coming soon! Guys/girls, are you anticipating something for your partner? If you have a bear, how you treat him/her? For mine, it is already inside a plastic bag for ages...

PS: Watch my previous post for a cuteness overdose video too.

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