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Cornetto Hikayat Po and Lang Trailer
Akibat kehilangan keupayaan untuk berseru, Lang terumbang-ambing mencari arah. Amanat seorang kanak-kanak kecil membawanya ke Kampung Cempuaka, di mana dia bertemu dengan Po dan makhluk-makhluk alam ghaib yang lain.

12 January 2012

Photobomb + Wedding Coming Soon

Last few weeks I helped out my cousin in his wedding as their official wedding dinner photographer. Challenge taken and it was a great opportunity for me to capture their precious moment =)

Well, I do feel less stressful when taking wedding photos of them as I know them personally. It is highly advised to go and meet up with potential clients a few days before the wedding to know what they expecting and we will have more clues on what to be captured. That's how we do the magic more perfectly right?

Today I would like to introduce a boy, the "Photobomb":
WeiJie + Sylvia | Wedding @ Melaka Renaissance Hotel 2011
One of my nephew which is not camera shy and very open up to my camera. I was trying to capture some behind-the-scene before the wedding start and he jumped into the frame suddenly. So I decided to take a quick shift and focus on him instead.

"Photobomb" like to stick his tongue out and he is really playful in real life. The natural pink cheek makes him looks even more cheerful & cute haha

WeiJie + Sylvia | Wedding @ Melaka Renaissance Hotel 2011
WeiJie & Sylvia 2011 [W] - Coming Soon

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I wish you all have set achievable new year resolution(s) for a brand new year! Don't care too much about 2012 the end of the day rumor, just live your life at the fullest kay? Peace out!

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