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Kong Ming Lantern with Best Wishes 2012

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrating it and Happy Holiday to all who having a good break along this festive season! This whole week I am glad I am busy with family and friends especially being able to capture group photo of family members "ć…šćź¶çŠ". All the laughs and smiling faces are worth to be captured and to be remember.

Few hours ago me and a bunch of friends lighted up Kong Ming Lanterns after made some wishes. I made some wishes too and hope they will reveal themselves in near future =) This is the best moment to"Look at the bright side (my site)" and stay positive as always!

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 | TianChad.com
Kong Ming Lantern @ ć­”æ˜Žç‡ˆ

Lasy but not least....
I wish you all 韍運當頭!!

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