30 April 2009

Come Join RuumZ Today!!

Hi all, I noticed that I am just 5 ranks away to win some freebies from ruumz
I like the pillow and hope you girls/guys can support me ^@^"

What actually is ruumz?
ruumz is actually a Malaysia's Social network like Facebook
It has new features compared to facebook.
Such as the ruumz FM in
It has all different kind of songs without DJ/RJ talking between the songs.
So for those who like continuous musics please do pay a visit!
Here is some info for you~

ruumz is your personal online space to chill, hangout, invite friends, and meet people! With ruumz, share photos, upload videos, create your own blog or just kick back and enjoy ruumz by tuning in to ruumzradio, downloading some music and spicing up your mobile with the latest tunes.

ruumz is currently in beta. We’re currently renovating and redecorating with new and interesting features, so you’ll have your ruum refurnished! Remember to check out and enjoy movie trailers in movieruum, organise events and group activities for your ruumates!

Hope you all can join me by today as this is the last day for this mini contest!!
7 hours left for recruiting~ ^@^"

Appreciates a lot if you joined~! ^@^~

For more info about ruumz please surf

27 April 2009

Some preview of SOS @ Pendas, Johor

At the firstday, we went to mangrove area and manage to go to the bottom of West Malaysia. ^@^
Recognie the bridge??

We found the seahorse for tagging purpose.
It is really hard to find!

And...please guess what bones are they ? ;p
Going to sleep soon!

26 April 2009

BioCareer Fair/Gathering + A Night In Rome + SOS

On a good hot Saturday, went to the BioCareer Fair which eventually turn out to be "BT UTAR Gathering"
Saw some of my long-time-no-see coursemate :)

At night went to Heineken's A Night In Rome

Met the lovely couple Timothy and Audrey :)
Cam-whored with a lot of bloggers and celebrities~ ^@^~

Saw this lucky guy won the RM20k ++ Rome Trip to watch football!
Congratz :)


(Retrived from

SOS stands for "Save Our Seahorses". Founded in 2004, it is a non-profit group commited to saving the seahorse and the Pulai River Estuary in Malaysia. The group comprised scientists, students, local communities and the public volunteers.

HOW it started?

It all started as a conflict between the seahorse and development. Since 1995, massive port development around Pulai River Estuary have destroyed large tracts of seagrass beds, which are home to the Spotted Seahorse, Hippocampus kuda. The Spotted seahorses, which once thrived in the Pulai River Estuary, is losing its habitat as well as numbers. SOS is particularly concerned that they may vanish soon. We do not want the episode to end with extinction.


SOS is fighting to conserve what still remains in the Pulai River Estuary, through collaboration with the government, local communities and developers. The project component encompasses research, education, outreach and information dissemination. An ongoing volunteers program established in 2005 allows the public to experience the wonders of the Pulai River Estuary and at the same time helping to gather scientific data relevant for conservation of seahorses and seagrass ecosystem. Our efforts are to promote sustainable development in the Pulai River Estuary.

When u r reading this post I might be on the way driving to Johor or sleeping in the car XD

Thanks for my kindest superior I ever met
Kenny Lim
For letting me to have few days leaves for doing something beneficial to the nature!
Increase your karma karma! ;p

So I will be MIA for few days till next Thursday.

Will blog whenever there is a free internet connection provided there
Or else, pls feel free to read my old posts?
Just see the pictures already make you tired!

Hope I can enjoy this trp while doing something really good!

25 April 2009

KLCC PC Fair @ 2009 [Part 1]

On 12th April I went to KLCC PC fair without Marccus this time
In previous year PC fair I saw some new stuffs and of course the ladies :)

On the way to KLCC
Saw people training on "Naruto's Rasengan" XD
No la...It is actually called Silat in Malay right??

I went to Pudu to buy bus ticket and someone gave me this meal promotion
It was Citin Hotel's 2nd Anniversary
Since it is some special thing
Why not go and try?
Luckily I haven't have my meal ;p

I have ordered the Set A - Club Sandwich with a glass of Apple Juice
Keep photographing while waiting for my food

It took a long time for the food to arrive :X
But at least it doesn't disappointed me
There were ham, egg, tomato and cheese inside the sandwich.
Worth it ;p

After I finish and paid the bill, they don't have changes to give me
Why? Because I was their first customer! ~~
Saw this Apple @ Ballon @ 003

After lunch, went to KLCC through Putra LRT
As usual, big crowds of ppl using LRT during KLCC Fair

The first 2 lady I captured down in the PC Fair :)
Intel Ladies~
I saw the lady on left in previous PC Fair.

Did the Intel's "Trivia Test" to get some freebies
I just ask the Guru beside me for the answerS to get the free Notebook ;p
It wasn't hard anyway~

Since it is going to 3.00 pm and there is a "ru sony?" tour
I went for it and stand a chance to win a PSP? A Walkman?
Still remember I was looking for a PSP when I first saw Patapon

All you need to do is just went through the 10 Stations of "ru sony?"
Then u r eligible to participate in the contest.
First Sattion: Let's smile!

Myself testing the smile capture feature

Station 2: Let's record

Station 3: Let's Capture! I like Capture ~

Station 4: Let's Share
I would like to have 1 of the S-Frame, put my families photos inside and give as a present for my grandparents~

I am sure they will love it!
*somebody wanna sponsor me? XD*
*It still costly for now*

Station 5: Let's Enjoy!!
Movie, pictures, games all in PSP!

Station 6: Let's Find Out
what else these Sony stuff can do

Station 7: Let's Record
The Sony Recorder and Sony Walkman!

Station 8: Let's Connect
We can actually connect most of the Sony gear together ^@^~

Station 9: Let's Playback
On TV? On Computer?

Last Station!!
Station 10: Let's Go (With the Sony flow ;p)

To be continue~
With some more leng lui after this ^@^~


I am now going to the BioCareer Fair 2009 @KLCC now!
Hope to see something new and something in my interest~!

At night I will be at A Night In Rome~! ^@^~
This time I have ckeck all the accessory for my camera!
Won't forget to bring my memory cards or battery pack again!

Ciao~! Enjoy the weekends ^@^!!

24 April 2009

Hennessy Artistry @ Asian heritage Row (Sneak Preview)

So what happened yesterday night?
This time me and YengYeng didn't arrive late
BUT something not good happened to me!!

I "pok-kai" @ fell down on knees in front of the service counter b'cos I didn't notice the bloody RED stairs!! >.<" *Very embarassing!* Had a crushed on my little wife too (LUMIX FX-100) =.=" Part of it broken and break out. Then only I noticed I didn't bring something the most important My SD Memory Card! I brought a spare battery but seems like it is useless now! All I can depends on are the 20MB internal built in memory...
What the...

Since I always look at the brightside
I just calm myself that today I will enjoy being captured without being a photographer
It is not good blamming yourself for what you did right? Haha!
Luckily everything gets better afterwards! XD

Nicole and Jian arrived just before the show begin
The best damn thing is she lend me her memory card!
Really thanks Nicole and Jian for coming to this party!! ;p

This is why I was able to take more better pictures and to share with you all! ^@^

Caprice the 21 years old guy who have great talent and with a Fantasy girl :)

The Beat Box Mouth
*with bass!*

Starz Angels with their great music mix!

The dancing barbie ;p

And the lucky guy with pretty ladies :)
After took his picture with the girls
He want to treat us some drinks but we kindly reject it

Thanks for your treat anyway :)

Since this is only a sneak review, more precise post will be up ASAP >.< style="font-weight: bold;">PC Fair, MPO Orchestra, Outing with My Dear PFHS Friends' post havent comeout ar...

So...stay tuned?

After the crush of my little wife with the floor.
She/he has some external injury near the side
I feel so sorry to him/her...
Luckily no internal injury as I still can take photos with it

Seems like I need to find a better protection case for it too!

Or is there somebody on the globe willing to sponsor me a new one??
Wahaha! Look at the brightside!!

PS: Nuffnang Music Bash Live Blogging's Contest have found their winner?
I didn't found any news

23 April 2009

Heineken: A Night in Rome @ KL

Heineken is taking one lucky winner on an all-expense-paid trip to ROME to catch the UEFA Champions League final - an electrifying experience for the selected few. Coming at you full throttle are some of the hottest acts around, dishing out mayhem over the decks against a sizzling Rome-inspired fashion show by Redken!

Be sure to come in white. The first 100 get a mystery gift.


To RSVP, SMS this to 36300:
KLHNK Name IC Email

e.g.: KLHNK James Wong 810323035135

// 25 Apr, Sat, 8pm
// Hap Seng Star Mercedes Benz Autohaus, 15 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
// Special performance by Bumblebeez (all the way from Australia!) and Lapsap
// Opening act by Joey G
// Hosted by Marion Caunter

That night Joey G, Marion Caunter, Bumblebeez, and Lapsap will be there :)

[Heineken Members get to bring 2 friends. Non-Members get to bring 1 friend]

Each SMS costs RM0.30 and standard telco charges apply.

For more info, log on to



I will be there this Saturday nigh ^@^
Another BIG Event!!

Anyone else would be there?

Tonight will be @ Hennessy Artistry Event!
What will I able to see there? Looking Forward!!

BT Utarian Lunch @ Medan Selera Puchong Jaya

On one of the afternoon we four (Nicole, Ange, PeiYing & Me)
went to have lunch together @ Medan Selera Puchong Jaya

If you like to eat fish, onions and ginger, like me.
You would love this dish ! ;p
The Onion & Ginger Fish

This is Nicole's favourite
The Petai Sambal Prawn.
She eat the petai + sambal and we eat the prawns ;p
It taste good but make pimples pop out

This is Pei Ying's RED Black Pepper Deer Rice.

Who is Pei Ying? This is Pei Ying :)

Ange slurping ~

And Ange XP

*Only nice pictures were selected to post up @ here~*
No picture of me this time!! ;p

How du girls/guys prevent pimples popping out while eating chili/oily foods at the same time?
Need some suggestion here~! ^@^

22 April 2009

"Threads of Destin" @ "Akai Ito" ! Tonight!

I would like to thanks Shaz from XFM for the movie tickets
Plus++ the movie merchandises(Knife, Lamp) + Linkin Park's Music CD!
*More picture in detailed post!*

Threads of Destiny @ Akai Ito
The story revolves around the “red thread of fate” connecting the young pair Mei and Atsushi and the trials they face during their high school period. Their romance is about to blossom when she meets a gentle-natured boy named Atsushi during a school trip to Nagasaki with close camaraderie of her school friends, Taka, Mia, Yuri, Natsu, Mitsu and Sara.The two begin to realize that they share many things in common that seem to transcend mere coincidence: the same birthday (February 29th, 1992) and a previous encounter when they were both 8. Feeling a bond of fate, they grow closer. But destiny can have a dark side to it, too, and a shocking revelation from both of their pasts compels Atsushi to pull away from Mei. The devastating separation then unleashes a wave of misfortune upon Mei: the death of a loved one, friend end up with drug addiction and domestic violence. As circumstances seek to take control of her life, Mei struggles to maintain her faith in the tenuous thread of destiny that will reunite her with her true love.


So many movie tickets I get for free this month! ^@^~
Thanks alot for my "Free movie ticket magnet" and those who *Finger Crossed* for me? Haha!

Pro: I get to watch movieS for free!
Con: Petrol n Toll makes me poor! ;p

Now I have more delayed post :X
Should I post twice a day?

21 April 2009

Hennessy Artistry Event! I'm Coming!

Still remember the event I mentioned in last few post? :)
Hennessy Artistry Event
Seems like the *Finger Crossed* works ^@^

Today received an e-mail from Sue in Nuffnang notify me that I got a pair of passes to this event!
Thanks again ^@^~

Will able to listen to Caprice's music mix!
The 21-year-old started making waves last year when his singles “Dem Girls” and “Fantasy Girls” topped the Hitz.FM charts.

Later then got another email from Sue
I am invited to the media press conference of Hennessy Artistry! ^@^~~
Hope my DMC-FX100 will able to function very well that night~

Since I want to go to the press conference and can't bring along my friend.
I would need to find someone who has own traffic to go with me...=.="

*Found a friend to go with me already ^@^~*

Scanning on Google Map + GPS Location now.
Hope I won't get lost like last time...
Always accidentally went to the KLIA Express Highway...

*I am sorry for any inconvenience caused*
*won't do the same mistake again ^@^"*

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