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Norul's Birthday @ 2009 + My Blog's 1st Anniversary!

In 20th of Feb, it was actually Norul's birthday :)
Yeah, this is such a late late post

We actually want to give her a surprise but we failed.
She went to go jogging after work and we actually called her to come back! Haha!

This is Nury lighting up the candles

after a birthday song, Norul cut the cake with a "kenape" smile :D

Below are a series of Birthday Cake Giving Session Photos
Mr. Yeap

If you play with angel and depth
You can make someone very small/big! ;p
Mr. Yeap 2

Norul's best friend - Syah

Ms. Pang

Nury - The candle woman

Liew - Still can't get rid of the cough now
Hope he recover soon!


Ayu - The girl who manage our salary

Me - The Chubby in February >.<

Not forgetting Catherine - The Kiss Girl XD

Since this is a birthday post, I would like to wish my blog
Happy belated 1st anniversary ^@^"
It is 1 year and a month + 5 days old!!

Saw the birthday cake on the Tiger head ? ;p
*Got this Pixel KeyChain during graduated*
*By Dearbear3*

I have made so much thing while blogging.
Stop using my time playing online game and start to make this online diary to share with you all!

Thanks to my dear readers who make it go through the 1st year!
Thank you~! ^@^

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