11 April 2009

David Archuleta @ Sunway Amphitheatre (Sneak Preview)

Today after work straight go to Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre :)
Reach there 1 o'clock and it has become so crowded already!

David did have a lot of hardcore fans!

The stage of Amphitheatre
Mainly sponsored by Digi

While waiting, can't actually find a seat till the security ask people to give out some spaces.
The "RTM Terminator" is here
We will be on TV
There is a funny scenario
When ever the video cam focused on the crowd the crowd screamed
When ever the spotlight switched on for a while, they screamed
When ever it is not David on the stage, they boo!

I am impress with this little David's fan
She know how to sing his song!

Just a sneak review for you galls and guys :)
David Archuleta make people screamed the loudest!

Will have full post in upcoming post
Tired today =.="

Tomorrow noon, KLCC PC Fair!!
Will I saw something new there?

I heard it was "traffic jam" inside and get more crowded compared to last time!
Hope it won't tomorrow!

I'll rest earlier! Z.z

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