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Come Join RuumZ Today!!

Hi all, I noticed that I am just 5 ranks away to win some freebies from ruumz
I like the pillow and hope you girls/guys can support me ^@^"

What actually is ruumz?
ruumz is actually a Malaysia's Social network like Facebook
It has new features compared to facebook.
Such as the ruumz FM in
It has all different kind of songs without DJ/RJ talking between the songs.
So for those who like continuous musics please do pay a visit!
Here is some info for you~

ruumz is your personal online space to chill, hangout, invite friends, and meet people! With ruumz, share photos, upload videos, create your own blog or just kick back and enjoy ruumz by tuning in to ruumzradio, downloading some music and spicing up your mobile with the latest tunes.

ruumz is currently in beta. We’re currently renovating and redecorating with new and interesting features, so you’ll have your ruum refurnished! Remember to check out and enjoy movie trailers in movieruum, organise events and group activities for your ruumates!

Hope you all can join me by today as this is the last day for this mini contest!!
7 hours left for recruiting~ ^@^"

Appreciates a lot if you joined~! ^@^~

For more info about ruumz please surf http://www.ruumz.com/Info/Default.aspx

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)