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B'cos of Hsiao-Fan I am in FHM's April Issue !

Last last Tuesday, I got 4 free tickets from FHM Men's Magazine with just an email.
It was my first time buy FHM and participate in the contest
Actually I bought it because I saw Hsiao-Fan on the cover :X
*Mens are proved to be visual animal*

Since I only receive the notification in my spam mail the day before the movie.
I gotta quickly find some matey to watch it with me ;p

Luckily found Nicole , Jian & Wern to go together :)

We went to Bliss 33 Cafe to feed our stomach

Did what I would always do while waiting for foods
Jian & Nicole the couple

The Shy shy Wern XD

When the water was served
We were confused to decide which one is our drink
Even the waiter cannot recognize them ;p
While eating my Nasi Lemak Special
Three girls came in for fund raising.
One of them actually playing the guitar and sing together with the other two girls
I still can't differentiate either they are really doing the fund raising or conning people...
That's why I don't easily donate to others =.="

Okay after dinner we went for the movie - The International
Looking forward for Terminator Slavation! :)
Will Nuffnang have this soon??

The moment before we went in the cinema
Was trying to take photo with the terminator that has Red-blinking-eyes

The International is a movie about a World-Class bank doing the illegal tradings.
I always saw bad guy in the movie trading using Swiss's Bank
In the end, even though the head of the culprit was banished
It was quickly replaced by a new guy....
The no end cycle

It sounds like politics in Melayzie

Who has the highest authority will control the others... :X

So yesterday I bought my second issue of FHM

Suddenly saw the letter I wrote in last month.
Too bad I didn't won the watch =.="

Sometimes you can see some funny letters in FHM
For example, the girlfriend of a guy who always read FHM wrote in

"FHM shouldn't put too much booze, fast cars and sexy babes.
Especially the sex-education stuff.
And pls tone down the risque business."

I would say this magazine is actually what guys like to read
It make guys happy but make their girlfriend jealous pulak
*Finger Crossed for my next contest!*
I need a watch badly ;p

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