28 September 2008

真情义卖会 @ SS2

I try not to spend too much time doing nothing at home, therefore just try to find something to do
(besides surfing the net and blogging + watch movie ;p)

Since there is nothing to do in this weekend, I followed PHP Society member for a charity.
Need to wake up early in the morning 5.45 AM and only wake up after 6...
Arrive there around 7 AM and there is already alot of people there preparing their stall.

Our Stall is with lucky number "19"
Selling Mango Drinks mixed with "Cincao" and also Steamed Fish Ball
Firstly I thought the drink was a weird combination
But after tasted it I just feel okay and it is new to me ;p

They are discussing how to sell it fast as beside the two item stated before.
There are a lot more Pudings from other stall that we need to help them sell it out

This is You Bin who started to cook the fish ball.
He really has a good sales skills.
Pudings sold out in a short time.

And for this, he is "An Hwa" that responsible for selling the new drinks.
Start mixing the water, ice, cincao, and the premixed Mango concentrate.

In the middle of the event, lion dance was presented by the youngsters.
That's why their lion looks like baby lion when they perform ;p
And I manage to take photo with the cutest lion by Boon Seng helps.
You know what? The dancers of this cute lion are actually girls.
Maybe that's why the lion dance looks so gentle and docile.

At the end of the charity sales, lucky draw started and I end up bringing nothing home because I am not very lucky enough

Only betting on the free coupon that the organizer gave us (worth RM10 each) and see if I am lucky enough to win any prize with only 1 number .
After all, free lunch for doing charity. Lucky enough already ~

Last, a group photo~!

Here is how I spent my weekends, how about you? ;p

Hope everyone pass the weekends by doing something meaningful to you ^@^

21 September 2008


Caught flu since yesterday after cleaning the fermentor which previously contain unknown microbes. Hope the one who helping me won't infected.

Not sure if it is the microbes from fermentor that infected me but my immune system is fighting it.
Thanks to my immune system!
Hope I can get rid of it soon =.="

20 September 2008

Body + Mind + Heart + Soul

Yesterday I went for the PHP meeting.
Learned something important.
Body + Mind + Heart + Soul

What I learned is a person should have at least a vision in his life to make him go forward.
If not, he will only maintain on the current step without any changes to make his life better.
For example, what is my vision working in my current company?

To learn the technique to culture microbes?
To get promoted in 1 year?
To get extra salary/bonus after few years?
To maintain my position in that company and prevent competitors?
To avoid losing job after working for a few years?

I don't think my life should be like this...
So...looking forward for a better vision and target.

Not to learn the technique to culture the microbes only, but also other beneficial skills.
Such as network marketing and specially people networking and communication skills.
I believe network communicating is very important in order for the person to success.
A person is easier to success if there are other people to assist you, isn't it?

After you have the right vision(mind), you must have devotion and passion (heart) and action(body) to make it happen. Of course, not forgetting your soul, if you have a kind soul helping other people, I'm sure the person you helped before will assist you to achieve your dream.

What is your opinion?

18 September 2008

RM 3.20

Sometimes even you can meet Santa aka kind person at the special place ;p
Draw by Yeng Yeng


Today as usual a working day, wake up late because yesterday 2 am only sleep...
So rushing in the morning and forgot to unlock the toilet doorknob after use. Therefore my housemate which sharing the toilet with me need to wait until I'm back. Paiseh ar!

Then after I back I change my pant and shoes before going to the PHP gathering/ meeting. Since Lee Ping so sincere to ask me out, so I just go and see. Rushing again to Kelana Jaya. Passing a TOL which always cost us RM 1.60. Rm3.20 for one round.

When I'm going to pass the toll, only I figured out I didnt bring my purse as it is still in my another pant!!
Oh shit! How can I forget that?
I'm sure this is not my firsttime forget about this and that...But this time really serious...

Then I stop by at the Esso petrol station to call Marccus for help and he did willing to help but he busy now...So I try to find another way out.
Fortunately, I met Mr. Ou pumping his petrol. I asked him if there is any U-Turn to avoid this toll and he said I can only do that after the toll...
Later then Lee Ping called me asking where I'm now and I just told her I might not able to go there already.
Suddenly he give me money total of RM3.20 to pass this toll and say don't need to pay back.

Really thank him ar!!! :)
Before I go I get his contact humber and thanks him alot of time.
He said at first he don't believe me but changed his mind after saw where my car is.
He is also from Melaka but staying in Puchong now.

Have you ever met a good person before?
I'm always meeting kind people and thanks for that.
Hope my amnesia (+ anaemia) will cure very very soon as if not I will cause alot of trouble to ppl around me.
Hmm...maybe Im a happy guy because I easily forget things especially the bad/sad one...

What can I do to cure my amnesia?Looking forward to hear from you :)

17 September 2008

No. 192 Jonker Street

Since August 1st, I started to help my aunt in her handicraft + souvenir shop.
Lot number 192, in Jonker Street-Melaka.
She really lack of shop assistant and can't find a trustworthy cashier.
That's why I'm there. Haha!

Nothing much to do there, only serve customer, restock once the item going to sold out, decorating the whole shop and make as much display item as we can.
Therefore when you visit this shop you will saw a shop full with everything around the corner.
Ohya, and also cleaning the dust!!
I tell ya, the dust will never ever be cleaned.
Yesterday only mop the place, today the place become dusty again.

What I have learn there?
Hmm, mopping the floor, cleaning the dust, learn how to promote, and how to handle with high talented customers' discount skills.
Sometimes we ought to give discount to make them satisfied
But depends on the original price of the item
There are something that really cant give discount.

Another benefit working there is able to see a lot pretty lady from other country ;p
Marion Caunter really looks pretty

Here are the photo taken during my last day working there.

Her name is Jamilah and we usually call her Ilah
And she said the wood elephant is as heavy as her cousin's son
I'm sure her cousin's son is very chubby then

This is Fizah, a young girl that always able to eat lunch brought by his dad, which is a car racer
How lucky she is ?!
I love the shirt shes wearing now.
Got "I am Orang Gila" on it

And here she is, Xiao Ping. The trustworthy employee hired by my aunt.
All cash is received by her. She is one of the good person that I met in my life
Very kind, hardworking and funny too!

Hope everything will be better and my aunt will find another trustworthy employee to work for her.
And I hope I can last long on my current job by learning new things and get as much experience as I can. Especially fermentation.

That's all. G'night~

14 September 2008

MoonCake Festival

The small boy that live beside my house playing lantern with his family. But only he want to take picture. Other are still feel shy to do that.

This is Lee Ping from PHP(People Help People) also known as Amway. I went to their PHP gathering and had a lot of fun there :)
They are all good in communicating
That's what Amway require right?

Marccus:" Arrrr....."(Aiya..kena photoshooted..)
Swallowing the sushi with wasabi because we both late.
Luckily I just need to eat little ;p
By the way, who say Melaka ppl sure very good at eating Chillies? @.@

Small "date" for ppl around Puchong.
Ange + Me + Marccus + Nicole + Zi Jian

This is the mooncake that a housemate gave me ;p
"White Lotus with Two Yolks (Reduced Sugar)"
Appreciate for what I had received eventhough wasn't able to go home for family gathering.

Hope everything getting better than now!

Fermentation has started since Friday.
Trial and error
Controlling a fermentor can be very easy and hard.
Looking forward to explore it more ;p

Hope the microbes able to grow anyway. Haha

12 September 2008

Weird Dream

Yesterday night I had a weird dream. It is colourful.

I remember that n my dream I was driving my car going back Melaka home as I remember how my "Taman" look likes.
Then on the way I saw three to four "white colour children-like doll" walking towards me and it stop moving when the car light splashed on them.

After that I was waked up by the knocking sound on my door...
Knock knock (Twice)
I check my watch and it is 3.30 am...!
So... I didn't open the door and continue to sleep.

I dont know how, I still can continue on what I was dreaming just now.
I saw more and more "white colour children-like doll" walkng towards me and still will stop movng when the car light splashed on them. They will stunt and become stone. Since they are blocking my way to go home, I try to run over them as they blocking my way. (In my dream)

BUT my car went in low fuel/ battery status when I get nearer to them...I get panic and try to U turn...

Then suddenly I waked up again cause I heard got someone knockng my door again and I heard 4 times the knocking sound.

This time I got scared and start to praying and not dare to open the door to see who is out there.
Somemore what I'm dreaming about and what I encounter is the similar thing...

Later then, nothng happened, waked up at 8 am as usual when sun rises and I can clearly remember what happen just now...

Wonder what is the meaning of the dream...
Haha... maybe it is mooncake festival's effect which make me dream so much.
Someone delivering the mooncake to be n the midnight...~

Therefore...look at the bright side la! :)
Everything happened has a reason, and the reason is to help you find the right solution.

Last but not least, Happy Mooncake Festival day! (",)

07 September 2008

Maxis Broadband ++ Tiger ++ cklim

According to sources from the internet, maxs broadband are categorized according to different coverage:

in Maxis High Speed 3G (HSDPA) coverage areas,
in 3G coverage areas,
247kbps on Maxis EDGE in major cities and towns,
on Maxis GPRS nationwide

A very big "Graduating Tiger H/P Hanger".

Please dont focus on her only ;p
Do you saw the handmade tiger?

Yeap, here she is. The creator of the two tiger
Now only I'm free to post this up.
Thanks you sis!!

If you like to have one also.
Please visit my sis's Website~


Sunday night, went for a farewell gathering for ck before he go to Glasgow for further study
Marccus + me + Boon Thiam + Timothy + Yee Kai
went to KLIA to see him

The picture taken before ck aboard

Later on, we just find some passerby to take photo for us

Lastly, ending with Marccus's bright smile and happy birthday to him too!! ;p

04 September 2008

Fermentation + Fermentor

Now I know more about what I need to do for this company

First thing is to know how to operate the fermentor
Then need to trial and error to figure out the best condition for the microbes to grow fast and active

Bad thing is that there is no one giving me training about the right way to operate it.
Besides that, the fermentor is from Taiwan, but the machine language is english version.
And got many translation errors
Example Auto >>Aoto; Maximum/Minimum >> max/mix

Sorry to Dr. Hii as I can't remember much about what I have learnt ;p

Now im worry about breaking the fermentor which cost at least RM 800k...
Hope training will be provided soon as this will make it better!

03 September 2008

1st Day

Today is my first day of working
Not so tough yet
But it's gonna be tough soon

Hmm...That means this job is challenging
I will learn more by myself and of course with the help of other employee in the company!!

Puchong here I come
Knowing you more will let me suit better!!

All the best to those who are working now

P.S.: For those who are still studying. Besides study well, must enjoy the life in Uni as this is the precious moment that you only get once in a life time. Now only I fully understand it. Haha

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