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真情义卖会 @ SS2

I try not to spend too much time doing nothing at home, therefore just try to find something to do
(besides surfing the net and blogging + watch movie ;p)

Since there is nothing to do in this weekend, I followed PHP Society member for a charity.
Need to wake up early in the morning 5.45 AM and only wake up after 6...
Arrive there around 7 AM and there is already alot of people there preparing their stall.

Our Stall is with lucky number "19"
Selling Mango Drinks mixed with "Cincao" and also Steamed Fish Ball
Firstly I thought the drink was a weird combination
But after tasted it I just feel okay and it is new to me ;p

They are discussing how to sell it fast as beside the two item stated before.
There are a lot more Pudings from other stall that we need to help them sell it out

This is You Bin who started to cook the fish ball.
He really has a good sales skills.
Pudings sold out in a short time.

And for this, he is "An Hwa" that responsible for selling the new drinks.
Start mixing the water, ice, cincao, and the premixed Mango concentrate.

In the middle of the event, lion dance was presented by the youngsters.
That's why their lion looks like baby lion when they perform ;p
And I manage to take photo with the cutest lion by Boon Seng helps.
You know what? The dancers of this cute lion are actually girls.
Maybe that's why the lion dance looks so gentle and docile.

At the end of the charity sales, lucky draw started and I end up bringing nothing home because I am not very lucky enough

Only betting on the free coupon that the organizer gave us (worth RM10 each) and see if I am lucky enough to win any prize with only 1 number .
After all, free lunch for doing charity. Lucky enough already ~

Last, a group photo~!

Here is how I spent my weekends, how about you? ;p

Hope everyone pass the weekends by doing something meaningful to you ^@^

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