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MoonCake Festival

The small boy that live beside my house playing lantern with his family. But only he want to take picture. Other are still feel shy to do that.

This is Lee Ping from PHP(People Help People) also known as Amway. I went to their PHP gathering and had a lot of fun there :)
They are all good in communicating
That's what Amway require right?

Marccus:" Arrrr....."(Aiya..kena photoshooted..)
Swallowing the sushi with wasabi because we both late.
Luckily I just need to eat little ;p
By the way, who say Melaka ppl sure very good at eating Chillies? @.@

Small "date" for ppl around Puchong.
Ange + Me + Marccus + Nicole + Zi Jian

This is the mooncake that a housemate gave me ;p
"White Lotus with Two Yolks (Reduced Sugar)"
Appreciate for what I had received eventhough wasn't able to go home for family gathering.

Hope everything getting better than now!

Fermentation has started since Friday.
Trial and error
Controlling a fermentor can be very easy and hard.
Looking forward to explore it more ;p

Hope the microbes able to grow anyway. Haha

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