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Body + Mind + Heart + Soul

Yesterday I went for the PHP meeting.
Learned something important.
Body + Mind + Heart + Soul

What I learned is a person should have at least a vision in his life to make him go forward.
If not, he will only maintain on the current step without any changes to make his life better.
For example, what is my vision working in my current company?

To learn the technique to culture microbes?
To get promoted in 1 year?
To get extra salary/bonus after few years?
To maintain my position in that company and prevent competitors?
To avoid losing job after working for a few years?

I don't think my life should be like this...
So...looking forward for a better vision and target.

Not to learn the technique to culture the microbes only, but also other beneficial skills.
Such as network marketing and specially people networking and communication skills.
I believe network communicating is very important in order for the person to success.
A person is easier to success if there are other people to assist you, isn't it?

After you have the right vision(mind), you must have devotion and passion (heart) and action(body) to make it happen. Of course, not forgetting your soul, if you have a kind soul helping other people, I'm sure the person you helped before will assist you to achieve your dream.

What is your opinion?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)