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Exam finished & the Trip Started!

Took my last paper Medical Microbiology.
Pass is always enough for me ;p
So... exam finished

My uni life also end.

Need to figure out how to start a new & different one.
BUT Not so fast ;p
If not can't enjoy the holiday~

After test, we went to celebrate early birthday for Chun Jin
Location: Gasoline,
Look Out Point
Nice place is worth to go again :)

Here is our birthday star :)
Chun Jin (CJ7)

And his favourite cake - MILO World

Here are all the 20 person participated
LengLui + LengZai ar

Though it is an early celebration for Chun Jin.
Hope he enjoyed and make a wish!
It will comes true =)

Memory noted~

For more photos, please Click Me
and Me

Tonight will go to Pulau Kapas (Cotton Island) and enjoy the trip lu
If lucky we will be welcome by Baby Jellyfish

Hui San, even though you are not able to go to Pulau Kapas with us.
Im sure at 16th everyone would come back~

Im going to have fun after work so hard for whole semester, how bout you?
So, have a nice day everyone!

Appreciate Everything is a way to make you feel better!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)