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Graduated + Miserable

History @ Port Dickson


After three years of study in Biotechnology.
Here comes to the end of the study.
And start with a new life.

Hmm, still can't figure out what I want actually
Continue study? Do research?Write thesis?
I don't really feel like want to continue with that.

Find a job that you like?
It is not easy to find a job that you like as many people also want that job.
Above statement is my bad excuse.
I can find one if I truly search for it.

Now I'm still confused with what I want.
I will only figure it out if I think about it
But what I'm doing now is I not even want to think about it

Currently my mom has a serious inflammation behind her neck and it is really serious.
Doctor told her that her blood sugar is very high and need to control her diet.
She did stop eating those sweet food these days

But I think she is going back to her old lifestyle
Continue eating what she likes
And that…

Pulau Kapas (II)

Hmm, I choose some random photo that taken on Pulau Kapas again.


Big clam hiding in the rocks, there are alsoblue clam in the sea

I thought only got spotted dog, but saw the sea urchin withBlack+ WhiteNeedleS

This is the Sea Urchin family. It is scary down there.
Luckily didn't step on it.
Their needles will aim on you once they sense you.

This is the cute nemo spotted by Chun Jin ;p

I wish my camera also water resistance ;p

In front of volleyball field

Back to the future, playing with the sand
Miss my childhood.

The resort that we stay. Room 23 is the most crowded one as everyone went to room 23 with no reason.

The tree that its fruit with "curly-hair" shape

Here is my STD friend.

Quote by Dr Haresh!
So, please don't misunderstood.

Group 1

On Thursday (15th May), Lilian + Pei Yee + Me went to Chun Jin's house to have a night there as nothing to do except go and enjoy our live when there is an opportunity.

Initially wanna go eat Western Food but change to "Chinese Ordering Food" as traffic jam is too serious.
Anyway, it is nice :)
As long as it fill my stomach

After that, we went to Putrajaya + Cyberjaya

This is the night view of one of the bridge around putrajaya and cyberjaya

Lilian and Chun Siang under 1 of the spotlight at Putrajaya

Putrajaya is a nice place to go if you are interested with the building and architecture technique there. There are more nice place but unfortunately my camera cannot capture them all

After finish visit, went to Kajang for the famous Satay and we are almost late because followed Malaysia's road signboard which is truly misleading.

Only guys eat the most because girls think that diet is more important :)
(My opinion)

Went back to Chun Jin's house and arrived at 2 am and every…

Tian Chad

Maybe you think it is a simple handwork and nothing special.
But I'm sure everyone who receive things that was handmade
will be happy.
Don't you? ;p

Besides, it come from a chary guy - Chun Jin

Now I keep recall back what I remember
and yeap
this is something worth to post :)





阿潭問爸爸:「以後我該怎麼辦?」爸爸也去請教很多人,有人說:「叫他去擦皮鞋啦!」也有人說:「去學刻印章啦!」甚至也有人直接說:「這孩子是個『廢人』,不用再唸書,也不必去學什麼手藝,乾脆拿個盤子給他,叫他去車站,趴在地上當乞丐,人家就會丟銅板給他? 」




Pulau Kapas - Part 1

Today I would like to share just a few pictures taken at Pulau Kapas there

Standing at the top of the rock :)

Chunjin the birthday star

Photoshooter being "shoot"

And please guess what is this :)

Pangea Day - 10th May

Pangea day on 10th May, missed the live show.
Fortunately I was able to watch it from Pangeaday and also youtube :)

There is one of the Award winning movie clip which really inspired me


What do you feel after watching the clip?
Does he inspired you?

Pangea Day, see you next year~!

The feel of organizing pictureS

Have you ever try to organize TONS of photo in one time?
If you did you will know how it feel....

It is really really hard to finish them all as I need to keep the nice and delete those bad photos
Maybe this is because of my principle that made me feel this way

Hope my friend will be patient and wait till I finish organized all into 1 DVD
and hope 1 DVD fits all :p


Pulau Kapas, the place we went together :)

Exam finished & the Trip Started!

Took my last paper Medical Microbiology.
Pass is always enough for me ;p
So... exam finished
My uni life also end.

Need to figure out how to start a new & different one.
BUT Not so fast ;p
If not can't enjoy the holiday~

After test, we went to celebrate early birthday for Chun Jin
Location: Gasoline, Look Out Point
Nice place is worth to go again :)

Here is our birthday star :)
Chun Jin(CJ7)

And his favourite cake - MILO World

Here are all the 20 person participated
LengLui +LengZai ar

Though it is an early celebration for Chun Jin.
Hope he enjoyed and make a wish!
It will comes true =)

Memory noted~

For more photos, please Click Me
and Me

Tonight will go to Pulau Kapas (Cotton Island) and enjoy the trip lu
If lucky we will be welcome by Baby Jellyfish

Hui San, even though you are not able to go to Pulau Kapas with us.
Im sure at 16th everyone would come back~

Im going to have fun after work so hard for whole semester, how bout you?
So, have a nic…

Hot Bright Night

Hot Bright Night, originally uploaded by TC CHeN. Too hot to sleep that night and the moon was so bright.
Thus decided to play with my camera to take a few shot of night view.

Hope to get a better camera to capture clearer stars.

Dance War - Bruno Vs. Carrie Ann

"Dancing with the Stars" judges and renowned choreographers Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba will put their reputations on the line as they search for America's most talented amateur performers -who can both dance and sing-- in a massive nationwide hunt. They'll create two rival teams and battle it out on the dance floor to form the ultimate performance group, on "Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann" on the ABC Television Network.

This might be an old show for you but it is new for me :)

The three girl that does impressed me are Lacey, Elizabeth, and Mariel with their hot hot
Lady Marmalade

Their singing are really2 great and they have the strongest voice among the girls

Please enjoy Lady Marmalade


Tomorrow is the last last day for final exam and I can't wait for it to finish.
I can't stop thinking of Pulau Kapas Trip and yeah it make me cannot focus on study
Lame excuse...

Haha, okay please enjoy the show ;p


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