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23 April 2008

Three more to go

Today had my first subject - Interpersonal Communication (IPC)
I didn't did it well but I'm sure I wont take the sub-paper ;p
Thanks Ms. Shiela and Catherine for their guidance and "blessing".

If you got a target but still can't reach it
"Do the best but expect the least"
I'm sure this thought will make you feel a LOT better
You will be happier, wahaha!

Hmm, better start prepare for the next three exam papers.
Goodluck for those who are having an "exam event"
have a nice day for others! :)

Below is a picture to share with you and the sentences inside also worth learning.

In addition, here is a movie clip to share with you all
Lost Generation
Thanks Arashi for this and I would like to share this with more people.
Listen carefully what she said ;p

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