Newman 6th Anniversary @ Mist Club

June 18th 2009, TianChad first time went to Mist Club @ Bangsar to attend Newman Magazine 6th Anniversary . The purpose of going there was to gain new exposure at different place and different event. Arrived kinda late that day because can't hardly find any parking near the club. In the end I parked near housing area along the roadside. There are many people waiting outside and I saw celebrity Steven Yap . That time I was not brave enough to greet him. =S Newman goodies bag are already prepared on the corridor and we can only take it after the event. It is actually good because it will make the crowd stay in for event and less thing to hanging around you. Since I was late the event already started. It was Camel active 's fashion show going on. below are the clothes, apparel and the models. I like this set the most. Did you notice camel active is always with 2 layers of tops? Hunny Madu and Nadia were the emcee for first part of the event And I forgot what game they did but t

Merry Christmas To New Wedding Couple!

Hello all! Just now I went to cousin's wedding and witnessed the lovely couple becomes husband and wife. Congratz Darren and Jessica including their family and I am here wishing you both a lifetime of happiness~! Besides that, I wish all my readers have a Happy Christmas and enjoy the weekend! Okay, wedding dinner later!! Ciaoz!

Chinese Winter Solstice Festival

Today is Chinese Winter Solstice Festival a.k.a 冬至 ,didn't expecting much to happen but I got tons of surprise today. Had total three times of glutinous rice ball @ 汤圆 from different people. First of all, my colleagues are so "semangat" to go and buy the material to prepare glutinous rice ball dessert (Honey sugar, Pandan leaf, Ginger, glutinous rice ball with and without fill). One of the main cook - Smashing the ginger with a hoe =D Honey sugar water + Pandan leaves + Smashed Ginger Of course not forgetting the main cast - "Turtle Egg " Glutinous Rice Ball with peanuts/redbean inside Or even the Black Sesame Glutinous rice ball After all, we have different colour and different size "tong yuen" to feed all the colleagues. This is the first time for my Malay and Indian colleagues to taste the dish and they like it =D All thanks to the guy above - Kam and Catherine for organizing this small celebration =D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wen