Ruumz Celebration with Nokia Xpress Music

Few months ago ruumz organized a contest called "Madonna's Celebration" . All you need to do is download the song "Celebration" by Madonna to qualify in the contest, then download as much songs as possible from music ruum to win this NOKIA 5130 XpressMusic . How I hope it could be Nokia 5310 Xpress Music if it was not communicated wrongly on the web. Ruumz, you gotta improve on not giving wrong information ;p I thought I just won a phone, that's all. But ruumz gave me a surprise by giving tons of Madonna's CD Album. The all new CD Celebration is included too =) Another one - The HARD CANDY with 2 bonus remixes of "4 minutes" *Inside got a packet of edible candy, I am gonna share with coleagues* Last but not least, thanks to ruumz for organizing this contest and I am looking forward for more contest specially for ruumates. Wanna be my ruummates? Clikck HERE to join now! PS: Do you know that you can donate money and help those

PFHS 96th Anniversary - Part I

Okay, I better post about this before PFHS next year's anniversary arrived! You can see my post of 95th anniversary by clicking here. Back to 19th-20th Jun of 2009, I went back to my secondary school and see what had changed and grown. Manage to meet up with some friends and see the performance that came out once a year. One of my friend even married and having 2 daughters now =) First of all, if your monitor screen is big enough, please increase the resolution to 1280 x 1024 for better viewing experience =) I won't write much this time. PFHS 96th Anniversary Marching performance 旗队 @ The Flag Society 童军队 @ Scouts Society 红新月会 @ First Aid Society ? ? Society 学长团 @ Prefect Society "两会" I like the greenish environment of the school now. Got big trees, grass and even bamboo! Thanks to our school gardener. 管乐队 @ Wind Band Their new red uniform After the marching, there are other performance from primary school and PFHS school society too [ W

Pipit Wonderful Market #2 @ TimeSquare

Pipit Wonderful Market #2 [4th July 2009] Trying to blog about the happening in year 2009 a.s.a.p. as I still have more to post about. Okay lets see what I've got. On a sunny Saturday, heading to Time Square a level above McD has this Arts Exhibition+Market at the empty space. As brother of DearBear3 , I gotta help her on her market too. So...lets see what I saw. [PS: We were in the #1 Wonderful Market too~! Click HERE ] Deciding to buy the plain one or flavoured KirspyKreme Saw the lady inside kinda "stunt" or thinking about why I am taking the photo. DearBear3 my sis with sweet KrispyKreme We are selling sweet and tasty Cupcakes too! Just that they are non-edible. How bout some creamy ice cream with fruits on it? Happy Bear Family Met GuiFeng aka Francene in the noon Welcomed by Pinky bearbear Framed by Genesis Culture's Ruben Tan Since I am just there to help my sis, I can go around to other stall and have a look without any limitation