Sometimes it is no need to worry about

Last post I did mentioned I lost my purse and I'm sure that I got bring it home But I just cannot find it. The day after I can't find my purse I was forced to make a new IC (RM 210) and driving license (RM 20) The efficiency of processing MyKad is still very slow... In addition there are flies flying around in the place! Therefore I need to ask for my father to fetch me here and there at his working time. Thanks alot dad!! Now, please look at the below picture It is just a chair right?? But when I simply draw out the "ladder" during watching late night show See what I found!! =.=" It was accidentally tighten to the rubber band and won't be noticed when the ladder was pushed back.... Arghhh, after I done my new IC + driving license only he came out!! So...sometimes it is no need to worry about Now I learnt that when u lost something in your house You can't find it anywhere But will only come out itself when you don't want to find it anymore.... Haha,

Bad day

27th August 2008 is my bad day The very bad thing happened I lost my my own house... Find it whole day already but still can't find it... Sigh, somemore this Friday need to go for an interview. Now I can't drive to Puchong myself and the only way is by bus. But how to go by bus?? Figuring out soon... Anyway, look at the bright side!! I can change new IC (again) and my drive license...haha Hope my bad luck end very soon!

Stem Cells Could Boost Blood Transfusion Supplies

[Acquired from] Aug. 19, 2008 -- Scientists say they've found an efficient way to make red blood cells from human embryonic stem cells , a possible step toward making transfusion supplies in the laboratory. The promise of a virtually limitless supply is tantalizing because of blood donor shortages and disappointments in creating blood substitutes. Red blood cells are a key component of blood because they carry oxygen throughout the body. Experts called the new work an advance, but cautioned that major questions had yet to be answered. The research, published online Tuesday by the journal Blood , was reported by scientists at Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, Mass., the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. The researchers said the cells they made behaved like natural red blood cells in lab tests, and that their process could be used in large-scale production. The resu


Today is Monday and Jonker Street not suppose to be blocked. But it seems like it was blocked around 6 PM. What special is there will be a cast recorded here and a few REAL hawker which based on the specific position were invited to participate in that show. I hope the hawker will be get paid as they won't have business at all today. The setting of lighting and those are the hawker stall ----------------------------------- Working day really tiring ... Today working in the Antik Shop there was almost no customer at all There are only visitor until 4 Pm Suddenly a bunch of people come to our shop and keep buying things. There is a group of China tourist and some tourist from other country. Within them there are few types of customer 1. Customer that buy anything because don't want to go back home with nothing. 2. Customer that come and go 3. Customer that not responsible after break the stuff 4. Customer that buy specific souvenir after comparing with other shops for their

Marion Caunter ++

I currently working with my aunt in her souvenir shop besides Jonker Street . Therefore I can see many people from different countries. Most of them are from Europe and they are generous. The best moment when working in a souvenir shop is when there are people visiting the shop and we able to serve them. If not, you will be very boring when there is no one. But, it also not good to see too much people in the shop as there are not enough assistant to provide what they need. Some more Malacca has become one of the World's historic heritage. What special today is I saw Marion Caunter in the noon. She is really pretty and ... pretty! ;p The recorder man asking for the permission to do recording around the shop but our boss doesn't allow it (business confidential stuff*). I think Marion is doing her job as a VJ for Channel [V] Sigh...that's why I wasn't able to see her for a long time... Hope to see her again~ ------------------------------------------------------------- Cr


Current mood Sigh...No reply yet from any employer through jobstreet. It is really not good doing almost nothing at home. One day, my aunt called me if I can help her in her antic shops. So...why not? Low income better than no income ;p I wonder in what situation an employer will ask my friends "Is Tian Chad from rich family background??" If the employer is here I would tell him I'm surely not. At least not now~ In the future, I will and I must !!! Bla bla bla... taling nonsense in the midnight~~ In the end, look at the bright side and hope my "sub-conscious" will give me a sign of working in which type of company. --------------------------------------------------------------- Melaka/Malacca is really small and you can meet everyone easily Met Jie Shun + Niang and her family


I have been searching for the possible symptoms and here they are: The carrier will have a mild anemia which means that the carrier will have a mild reduce in the red blood cells within his body. The thalassemia minor carrier will also have a mild enlargement in the spleen (organ which is located adjacent to the stomach and which stores or filters the blood). A potential thalassemia carrier will also experience fatigue and tiredness more usual compared to a healthy individual. This means that, a potential thalassemia carrier will feel tired both physically and mentally. In addition to that, if an individual is suffering from shortness of breath, he should also be more aware about this health conditions as normally, an individual suffering from shortness of breath may very well be a potential carrier of the thalassemia disease. If blood trace is found on an individual's urine, the individual should visit his general practitioner as soon as possible as blood trace in urine may very w