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Today is Monday and Jonker Street not suppose to be blocked. But it seems like it was blocked around 6 PM.

What special is there will be a cast recorded here and a few REAL hawker which based on the specific position were invited to participate in that show. I hope the hawker will be get paid as they won't have business at all today.

The setting of lighting

and those are the hawker stall


Working day really tiring ...
Today working in the Antik Shop there was almost no customer at all
There are only visitor until 4 Pm

Suddenly a bunch of people come to our shop and keep buying things.
There is a group of China tourist and some tourist from other country.
Within them there are few types of customer

1. Customer that buy anything because don't want to go back home with nothing.
2. Customer that come and go
3. Customer that not responsible after break the stuff
4. Customer that buy specific souvenir after comparing with other shops for their price
5. Customer that are rich enough to buy many big stuff in a short time.
7. Customer that are very very strict on bargaining with us although it is very cheap already
6. .......and more

What kind of customer do you like? ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)