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Current mood

Sigh...No reply yet from any employer through jobstreet.
It is really not good doing almost nothing at home.

One day, my aunt called me if I can help her in her antic shops.
So...why not?
Low income better than no income ;p

I wonder in what situation an employer will ask my friends
"Is Tian Chad from rich family background??"
If the employer is here I would tell him I'm surely not.
At least not now~
In the future, I will and I must !!!

Bla bla bla... taling nonsense in the midnight~~

In the end, look at the bright side and hope my "sub-conscious" will give me a sign of working in which type of company.

Melaka/Malacca is really small and you can meet everyone easily
Met Jie Shun + Niang and her family

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)