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#asianbsmc vs Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary [Sneak Peek]

Asian Bloggers Social Media Conference has call to an end and I would like to say I enjoyed most of the topic discussed very much especially Joyce Wong 's creativity on writing a blog post in unique way, Niki Cheong 's "Journalist versus Bloggers" topic that I think in future both will somehow combined together and become "Journallister" "Blogganalist" or whatever new term, KennySia 's straight to the point on what bloggers want and what are the more appropriate way for marketing people to approach bloggers+++ There are more interesting speakers that I would like to share on another day =) A picture of some of the panelists. Feel a bit disappointed when the Q&A session was forced to canceled due to certain circumstances. KennySia's happy + funny face when listen to @blogie's speech. *This is the happy face* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After #asianbsmc I went to Zouk for Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary Pa

Zouk 6th Anniversary - Mad Hatter's Party

Let me share something about anniversary event today. Last few weeks I was given passes to attend Zouk's 6th Anniversary with Mad Hatter themed . So all the attendees can wear their favourite cap for this event. Most of the crowds came in around 9 something and I am still waiting for friends. Sigh, that's why I dun like a double-guest pass. Anyhow, below are the pictures taken during the events and I hope it manage to tell part of the stories. The big Mad Hatter hat that was decorated on the big gate. "Oooo nice hat!" The open space is specially decorated with lawn grass and all the props looks so colourful and fantasy. Just that it is not nice to have a rain that make the land become so muddy. The caterpillar that is evolving to a butterfly David Lian was doing magic show outside of the club. The moment before the glass exploded We all treated with ice-cream Jezripe Fresh Fruit Ice-Cream Inside the club, it was decorated too Didn't know