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Kitchen Creature: No Frills Dining [Centrepoint]

Super long time ago (March 10) visited Kitchen Creature @ Centrepoint with little UTAR gang to try out their no frills dining. What does "no frills" mean? "No Frills" - means you don't need to get your own fish. *just kidding* There is this fish pool at the Centrepoint and there are tons offish + few tortoise in it. "No Frills Dining " actually means great foods & great value with no extra costs of any kind. No Government tax and no service charge. This is the unique selling point of the restaurant. Even their menu told us to eat diet food only when we are waiting for steak =) *Noticed a lot of liquid paper marking on the menu, wonder they drop/increase the menu price* Saw the lamp which looks like lantern? In China I guess they are for other uses. They recommended their hot selling dishes on the board. Also, "Tipping is greatly welcome. Don't be shy!", George said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay it is time to share the f

Genting Highland & KilKenny [Not KennySia] + Need Support

Sharing a little bit about what I've done today. 7am in the morning went to friend house and we all hang out together heading to Genting Highland . [Yes I am not working now and that's why I don't have Monday Blue *evil*] It is true that Genting is not that cold anymore, no more "mist" coming out from my mouth... Went into Casino and was asked for IC *wink* but didn't gamble as I know I don't really have luck on it. Realized that people can easily lose/win money in just a bet. Just witness a guy loss RM500 in one try. But I haven't seen someone like HuaiBin , who really dare to bid in large amount. Me, PickSan, ChunJin , YanTing and Kelvin *Free advertising for Starbuck summore* Went to the garden and saw some bugs mating in group. Seems like the mating season has arrived. It is really fun to just hanging out with friends and talking about nonsense. It is the moment that we spend together that makes it worth. Feeling really good and must thank ChunJin

Chia Wuen's UTAR Graduation Day

Here she is ChiaWuen, my potential girlfriend in the day of her graduation~! Before that we went for lunch at the Station Kopitiam of Wisma MCA . They have foreign labor working there. So it is not weird to see these: Continer Chostic Basically Station Kopitiam is all time full-house since morning. Every parents is waiting to eat/sit inside. Who cares eventhough the price of the food is more expensive compared to other branch, they still want to enjoy themselves sitting & relaxing. We manage to get inside the hall with the extra passes given by the kind soul. This is the moment when the singer present a song on stage. I can say it is better than the one during my graduation. Besides that, I have notice people from different course has vary kind of personalities. The students from PR is the most happy and active over the whole ceremony. As for other courses they just look shy at the camera. I become Chia Wuen's personal photographer and this is only one of the photo taken. Ye

April Fool's Rhapsody Chinese Orchestra Concert @ 娱人狂想曲 华乐演奏会

It's been so long that I haven't hear Chinese Orchestra. Thanks Gan for the invite as you help me reminiscence the study life during secondary school ;p "April Fool's Rhapsody Chinese Orchestra Concert" @ 娱人狂想曲 华乐演奏会 is organized at MMU Cyberjaya and it is a mini music concert. They are the young generation who can play Chinese Orchestra. Gan is the handsome guy smiling in this picture. A guy playing the "Zhong Ruan", outstanding because of the bright hair.] The girl sing a song by just using "Ah~", which means no lyrics Some familiar TVB Themed Medley Here is one of the music performance recorded by Nicole: Waltzing Mathilda Don't they look so match with the black cloth? ;p Actually I like the performance most when Teacher WuMi came up on the stage. Oh wait will Nicole[picture above] looks like her in coming years? ;p She makes the performance more lively and yes she is a funny person =) That's the moment I captured people smiled