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Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City #SkyArtsPro

Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City I still remember it was a random photography outing in September that I got myself into. Gary has been planning this with Melody for months and I was like "okay let's just go there kacau to shoot something different" .  I brought along girlfriend to the shoot in KL and the first location was at the parking lot near Pavilion KL. Gary was doing his 'Architecture x Dance' 4th Series featuring Melody and Azmie while I just shooting from the side warming up myself. I was trying to capture something like Gary did but after looking back at the photo series, it seems like I tends to capture more on those candid moments happened between the really-not-easy-dance posing shots.  Gotta say thanks to Melody Tee and Azmie Zanal Abdden for thinking all sorts of dance moves and poses while we composite the photos. I gotta say it was definitely not easy to do all those poses and hold it for as long as they can. I can really

Posed vs Candid Photography - Which is better?? Here's some tips for you

Posed and Candid Photography - Which is better?? ft Carmen Hong, Anna Bella Wong and Eunice Yuen The other day I saw a friend of mine asked this on Facebook - "A posed moment versus a candid moment, which is better??" It had me thinking for a while and both posed and candid photos has their own good (and bad) side. I myself prefer those candid moments as those are the shots that happened in merely second and you won't able to get that in pose shot. The emotion and face expression shown in posed shot are just different than candid photos. However, there are always ways to help you achieve and get more candid shots from the posed shot. Below are mixture of group photos taken during our photography hangout at Tokyo Pastry the other day. You may wanna check my previous post for individual photos first. I will share with you some tips on getting posed and candid photos.

10 Modeling Posing Ideas for Female Photoshoot featuring Eunice Yuen

Remote flash photography with Eunice Yuen ft @eunice_mann After sharing some photos of Anna taken at Tokyo Pastry , now is the time for me to share photos of Eunice Yuen a.k.a  @eunice_mann on Instagram. Thanks for spending time with us so I can practice remote-flash photography and posing model at the same time. Every time after a photoshoot, sometimes I do facing tough time in choosing one photo out of similar pose to show here. Why? Cos it is important to balance between quality vs quantity (some people said). I do think that I must strip down the amount of similar photos so that my photos can stand out more. With that people also will feel that your photos won't be repeating/draggy at the same time.  Now shall we scroll down for more photos?? Do leave a comment below about which photo is your favourite/it-can-be-removed!! Or else, just let me know what's your thought about this series of photos ya. Arigato Gozaimasu~

[Photo] It's All About Anna Bella Wong Tonight

Anna Bella Wong - This morning I posted a photo of Anna and stated that more photos of my blog. Didn't know that friends will say "kena con" because not much photos of their dearest Anna Bella Wong hahaha. So to 'compensate' your disappointment I present you all photos of just Anna Bella Wong in this particular post. Thanks to Eric and Sidney, I got idea on how to separate the photos to several post la Hope you guys will like the photos kay?! Visit her blog because she blog about food and most importantly she is a coffee lover. Not sure if she have OCD - Obsessive Coffee Disorder hahaha!!

[Portrait] Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC

Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC The other day after I've finish taking self-portrait together with the gorgeous Petronas Twin Towers , I was walking around KLCC and spotted this gorgeous couple on the street taking a break. The moment I saw them I was like, okay I must make myself capture some of their lovely photos no matter how. I've learned that to create nice street photography/photos, it is to brave yourself and talk to strangers so that they can show interaction between you (your camera) and your subject. With that, your photo will definitely looks better with soul and connection. So yeah, I go ahead and introduced myself (luckily I brought my name card) and they are more than happy to have their photos captured and in return I send photos to them =) Now just check out the photos below and let me know if you like it the way I like it too.