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Bye Bye and R.I.P. Her

Nothing much to say. Hope my grandmother (mother side) will rest in peace (R.I.P.) and went up straight to the Heaven She always talk in Hok Kian, so I hope Yasmin Ahmad know some and able to chat with her ;p And hope MJ won't shock her as he keep "Oweuuu~!!" when do the moon slide dance~ I can't find the song with vocal. But still, enjoy this instrumental Version Bye Bye -Mariah Carey Last but not least I've notice there are a lot of accidents and death news Hope all can drive more carefully, live healthy and stay alive! I don't wanna lose any of you.

My First and Last Meet with Yasmin Ahmad

"On Thursday, July 23, 2009, Yasmin suffered a stroke and remained motionless, seated, she was resting her head on the table, with her hands cupping her face, while attending a meeting with local artist Siti Nurhaliza and her husband Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, and Media Prima representatives for an undisclosed project at Sri Pentas, TV3. Before the meeting, she spent some personal time with Media Prima's Group Creative Director, Peter Chin and was reported to be in a jovial and relaxed mod. She was rushed to the Damansara Specialist Hospital where she underwent a neurosurgery procedure to reduce the swelling in her brain. The operation was a success however her condition was considered critical but stable. Bernama quoted her brother-in-law, Zakaria Zahari, as saying that Yasmin had suffered a stroke and hemorrhaging in the brain. On Saturday, July 25, 2009, less than 48 hours after the surgery, Yasmin Ahmad succumbed to her injury and was pronounced dead at 11.25pm. On Sunday, Jul

Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra - Kees Bakels

After the Collect ONP Campaign , rested for a few hours. Get ready up for Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra~ Kees Bakels was the conductor Arrived @ KLCC early in time to collect the tickets and to rent a coat. A shot of KLCC @ night :) Still looking for peeps to go Skybridges Went to their Box Office to collect the tickets :) Met Nadirah who is so friendly to pose for me :) One month passed, would she still read my blog? I did tell her I will blog about this event, but didn't expect to delay for almost one month~~ ^@^" So this is the passes that I got, asked Nadirah where to rent coat and there I go searching for it. Haha, another two ladies willing to pose for me Raznasyemi and Nancy ~ This is where I rent my MPO Coat Yes, they have their own brand. I was wearing the smallest size available. Luckily they rent it for FREE! Did you saw it? "Nuffnang Bloggers"!! The tickets tange from RM 20 to RM 85 How much do you think the ticket Nuffnang gave? I am sure it is not c

SM3Y @ Sakae Sushi (KLCC)

This post should have posted up in March!! Accidentally skipped this post because I didn't name the picture folder correctly... But now it is up, sorry for WenJie and others waiting so long ^@^" In mid of March Me , WenJie , JiaLing , and Ah Wee meet up @ KLCC for lunch Walk around the cafeteria then decided to lay our butt at Sakae Sushi While waiting Four person had their green tea Saw the same foods rotating on the belt Nobody want it ha! Double picture~ First, ChiaLing 's appetizer arrived :) The "Shark Fin ++ Egg Toufu" Then , Wen Jie 's Chicken Katsu Don arrived ;p Must take a lot of picture as not much opportunity to meet up you all! ~ Then Ah Wee' s ______ Katsu Don also served *Anyone able to fill in the blank?* Here comes my C o l o u r f u l M a g u r o T a t a k i D o n Please forget about my stubborn hair looks Not forgetting JiaLing 's Gyu Don ! Ah Wee still look the same compared to SM3Y(2004) While as for me I did change a lot Som

Hennessy Artistry @ Asian heritage Row (Sneak Preview)

So what happened yesterday night? This time me and YengYeng didn't arrive late BUT something not good happened to me!! I "pok-kai" @ fell down on knees in front of the service counter b'cos I didn't notice the bloody RED stairs!! >.<" *Very embarassing!* Had a crushed on my little wife too (LUMIX FX-100) =.=" Part of it broken and break out. Then only I noticed I didn't bring something the most important My SD Memory Card! I brought a spare battery but seems like it is useless now! All I can depends on are the 20MB internal built in memory... What the... Since I always look at the brightside I just calm myself that today I will enjoy being captured without being a photographer It is not good blamming yourself for what you did right? Haha! Luckily everything gets better afterwards! XD Nicole and Jian arrived just before the show begin The best damn thing is she lend me her memory card! Really thanks Nicole and Jian for coming to this party