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[Save Our Seahorse] - Heading to Melaka with "ball"!

After finished our job cleaning the lawn and pond , get ourselves rewarded with fresh mango and drinks, we are back to the Seahorse Research Station and packing back home. Dr. Louisa is packing the processed Dugong's bones. We did looking for Dugong's Trails in one of the days of our SOS Tri p . Did we found it? Click here to find it out =) These are Dugong's Tooth Dugong's tooth fit in the hole on the skull. It is like a six pieces puzzle for me. Before we left we took a photo with Dr. Louisa . Choo has something important to do so he won't be in this photo =( He don't want to go back, so do we!! This trip is so enjoyable and unforgettable!! I would like to go back again if I have tons of holidays or no need a full time job. So, if you don't wanna miss this trip of saving the seahorse and relax yourself at the same time, do visit and register now~! It is only RM30 per student and RM50 per aldult! PS: Please don't wait un

[Save Our Seahorse] - Clean Up the Lawn with EM

The day before this morning, we saw the blue luminescent sea-creatures . Tiring us don't even want to wake up this morning. Since I am the first one to wake up, play with the cats is enjoyful. *Yawn~* They also just wake up ha? "What is that thing that pointing on me?" Is this is elephant bugs? Saw the trunk? After we had our breakfast, we were fetch to Teacher 's house to clean up the lawn around his pond. As in do some contribution for the villager there. How I wish I can take a ride on this shovel XD Total 9 person++ on the truck wei This is the wooden pavilion [building under progress] While Teacher go to prepare the equipment [Glaive/Parang] I go and explore the surrounding. Saw the green spider-man. And the chicken little~! Teacher got raise chicken by himself and I can't help myself to try to grab one Cute+ adorable chick ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let see if we are fully equipped!! LiErn with the fast pace cut Me...The phail poser Chris