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[Save Our Seahorse] - They Glow At Night!

After surveying some fisherman about Dugong , saw the poor little creatures stucked on fish net . We have a short rest before having dinner. Yes we cook ourselves and here are the ingredients. Thanks a lot to the invention of can foods The "Butter" that act as gas and fire Then a foreign worker that stay opposite our house came over to say hi He can speak english and told us not much girl around here. They sleep at 8.30pm because no entertainment for them. Probably he came because of the two ladies ha? Cheers for having a great experience through this SOS trip =) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After dinner, we went to the nearest fisherman village because don't want to sleep so early. There are people who just back from fishing at night too. Seems like the fish caught at night is different with the fish caught under sun. The fishes are more colourful and rare. HEY!! LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!! There is this little blue creature that chemiluminescent at night. YengY

[Save Our Seahorse] - Poor Little Thing On Fish Net

Cat Mama is not afraid of me when feeding her child =) This somehow pop me up with a question, how many woman in the earth now still can breastfeed their children? Wonder why it is getting lesser. Let's continue my [Save My Seahorse] blog post series, after found the seahorse on the sea, hold it alive with own hands, saw other sea creatures. We are back for second round Dugong's Survey . First we go to the fisherman village near by the place we stay. Fisherman just back from morning fishing trip cleaning up the prawns Oh "crap" blue crab Tighten using rubber band ( hope crab won't get crazy) What is the orange-yellowish gel/stain? They are crab's eggs (high in cholesterol but delicious) We first interviewed this two guys who is cleaning up their fish net Eventually there are many unwanted creature trapped on it Non-fleshy spiky crab No tail Horseshoe Crab Colourful Huge Sea Snail I remember we interviewed this guy for a very long time Dr. Louisa who ar

[Save Our Seahorse] - Creatures in Seagrass Bed

After visit National Park Tanjung Piai , we are going to find seahorse again~! I found my first seahorse the day before . Do I manage to find one this time? Please continue =) The sun rised The ladies woke up. They are going with us to find seahorse too Fisherman just came back form the sea and the crab has something to say Golden yellowish sun rise Morning LiErn and me both with puffy eyes The driver that showing his natural charisma on the boat. Me with YengYeng =) Singapore industry area over the sea ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After 15 minutes ride, we arrived at the SeaGrass Bed again! I still remember the day before Choo manage to find one seahorse immediately after we dock our boat. This time YengYeng found the Seagrass' fruits [ Enhalus species ] According to the myth, you can eat it to become a mermaid =) Sunny ray shine on the seagrass Today besides looking for seahorse we are tracking Dugong's feeding trail too. Did you see the trail that was left after