【REVIEW】@Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone

Moment Thin Case Review for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

【REVIEW】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Having Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, a smartphone at premium price means that everyone would need to get a great casing that can protect my phone. Other than protecting the edges and surface, I need something that can protect that bulged out camera section especially when they are made of glass. Also, the camera device on the Galaxy S20 Ultra made the phone upper portion heavier too. Hence a casing with nice case is required.

After some Google research and as a person who already invested in a few Moment lens (Wide, FishEye and Macro), I've decided to get the Moment Thin Case for my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I pre-ordered it hence it only cost me USD28 (instead of USD40) for the Galaxy Thin Case.

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【Front View】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
【Front View】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Moment Thin Case Provides Overall Protection

The Moment Thin Case phone casing does protect every corner and edges of the phone, including the important glass surface of the camera bulge of S20 Ultra. Now I don't need to worry about the scratches on the camera glass as it is fully covered leaving the lens port open. The thin layer of screen protector that comes with the phone is already good enough to protect the screen. I just wonder where can I replace it once the original screen protector starts to wear off.

【Back View】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
【Back View】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Good Fitting of the Moment Case with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Moment Thin Case for S20 Ultra fits perfectly fine with the phone. It is much easier to slot your phone with this thin case if compared with their previous Walnut Moment Case (I still love the Walnut Texture case, it gonna look great with the S20 if they really have it)

Firm grip with additional line design at the back of the phone casing

Line grids at the back does provides better grips of S20 Ultra when I hold it in hand. Just make sure your hands are clean when holding it or any mud-type dirt will stuck between 3D line textures.

Minimalist Full Black Look on the Moment Case

We have full black color throughout the Galaxy Thin Case for Galaxy S20 Ultra. Nice minimalist design. But still I do hope they have Walnut Texture as I don't mind a bulky casing that adding 'Nature Wooden' elements to my phone. I hope they consider having the Walnut design back when Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is out.

【Top Part】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
【Top Part】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Physical View of Moment Thin Case on S20

Here's view of the Moment Thin Case on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from different perspective. Top, bottom and side. All sides are equally covered and neither the mic nor the volume buttons are affected. Good job on that Moment!

【Bottom Part】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
【Bottom Part】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

【Side View】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
【Side View】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Moment Macro Lens
I bought the Moment Thin Case for S20 Ultra together with Moment Macro lens (Starter Set with free lens pen and rear lens cap). Finally the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can shoot almost every angle and perspectives. This includes the ultra-wide shots, 100x Space Zoom, and also Macro lens to cover more perspectives.

Below is how it looks like when I slot and attach the Moment Macro Lens to the Galaxy Thin Case. It feels really tight at first twist, but you will get smoother installation process after that and still have firm grip on the lenses. 

Moment Macro Lens on Galaxy Thin Case for S20 Ultra

【REVIEW】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone

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Overall Review on Galaxy Thin Case S20 Ultra

Overall, I do recommend you to get casing like Moment Thin Case that protect both your phone body and the camera glass as they contain sensitive camera part. I hope my sharing and quick review about the Galaxy Thin Case helps you make a decision to invest in this casing or not for your precious Galaxy S20 Ultra. Feel free to visit Moment Website for more  of their quality glass lenses and casing deal from time to time.

I will share more about the lenses/images taken using Moment Lens on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Till then, stay safe at home and continue shooting! Feel free to check out my Instagram.

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