SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility
SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable Elegant and Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility

Since last year, I have spent more time at home without going out much due to the global situation. Hence me and love one started to enhance things we can do at home. At first we started to learn cooking and baking, then we learn indoor plant gardening and fell in love with it. Since we can't go to the outdoor, we brought in the nature instead. Now we have a mini garden indoor and at the balcony. 

Spending majority of our time at home eventually makes me want to improve my home entertainment system too. Something small yet significant to improve our quality of life. That's when I found SONOS sound system and decided to go with SONOS MOVE. This versatile smart speaker not only able to be moved around, it is also both WIFI and Bluetooth configurable. Added that it is weatherproof and drop-resistant, it is good to listen to music both indoor and outdoor. Let me share my experience in detail as below:

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SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


Let's go to the overall design of SONOS MOVE. I love it looking sleek with the minimalist touch on the dark build and adequate buttons on the speaker body (others are touch sensor). The well-designed handle was created so we can easily carry and move it around. Gotta do a special mention of the unboxing experience. It feels really good when I was unboxing the SONOS MOVE. I then realize that designer put efforts in not only designing the speaker itself, but also the packaging and unboxing overall experience.

Including a huge battery for portable play. SONOS MOVE weight at 6.61lbs (3kg). My first impression when I first carry the speaker out from the box, "this speaker is not as light as the usual portable speaker".  But it change my mind when I know the reason behind it.


SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


With the Wireless and Bluetooth features both built-in SONOS MOVE speaker body, it has become a much versatile portable speaker that I can choose to play my Spotify playlist through the phone, and let it play in highest-quality music track without interrupting what I want to do on my phone; If you bringing it for an outdoor occasion like beach house and picnic session, this speaker will shine throughout the day. With the 11 hours battery life, SONOS MOVE provide enough music moment for the outing. However since we are now staying at home most of the time, I would test the outdoor experience next time. Due to it's heavier weight, it is more suitable for a road trip than travelling oversea as we are saving the weights for luggage and last minute shopping (unless you love the quality so much that you want to bring the speaker fly together)

Comparing Wireless and Bluetooth quality, I don't see a major difference on the sound quality, as they both sounds good to me regardless of which wireless way of listening to music. Perhaps it is more noticeable when you measuring the sound frequency through a device. So just switch to Bluetooth mode when WIFI is not available.

Important tips: Do note that in order to use Bluetooth linking, you will first need to link your SONOS MOVE with SONOS App through WIFI first. Or else you might feel disappointed that you can't play music through Bluetooth after you've reach your camping site. 

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


SONOS MOVE speaker body contains two Class-D Digital Amplifiers, one Downward Firing Tweeter, 1 Mid-Woofer in it,  giving us 360-degree sound better than any other speaker. After linking it up with with WiFi connection at home, I can easily play music through my Spotify playlist and I have to say, SONOS MOVE speaker volume is so powerful that we can make a music rave at home. Usually I play SONOS MOVE music at the volume of 15-20% only and it is great enough. I can't wait to use it on a roadtrip once our country covid condition improve. I want to go camping with it! 

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


SONOS MOVE has the built-in TruePlay feature that use the built-in mic to listen to the surrounding (responded frequency) and what you’re listening to continually adjust the output to the most suitable and balanced level. I have tried moving SONOS MOVE to different corner in my house, after around 30 seconds like that, it will auto adjust the sound to how it should be regardless of the corner and wall around it.

In other version of SONOS speaker, you will need to tune it manually with the SONOS apps and phone together. But on SONOS MOVE, it do the music tuning with TruePlay automatically. Which means you can easily move your SONOS MOVE speaker around and let it do the work. No more hassle for continuous good music.

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


With so many electrical devices at home. I dislike the messy wires tangling around my house. Hence anything that could possibly go wireless, I am up for it.  I would move it around in my future big house, from the living room to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the outdoor compound and so on. Without need to worry about where to find the power plug and power point. Because SONOS MOVE is portable!   

However, since SONOS MOVE itself already weight 3kg. I will only consider bringing SONOS MOVE along for a road trip or staycation in hotel. But not till the extend that I would bring it fly together as I would save the extra weight for souvenir shopping during my travel trip.

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


Looking at the price, I believe all owners of SONOS MOVE will make sure it is placed at a safe location. However, accident could still happen but you don't need to worry about it. As it is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage, SONOS MOVE is weatherproof with an IP rating of IP56, meaning it is resistant to water such as splashes, rain, and snow, but is not waterproof. For example, Move cannot be submerged or exposed to pressurized water such as a shower. 

With its shock resistance case, you don't need to worry about accidental drop or bump on SONOS MOVE too. So yes, this speaker is ready for outdoor.

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are built right in so on WiFi you can play music, check news, set alarms, get your questions answered, and more, completely hands-free. In order to use the Google Assistant/Voice Assistant, you will first need to switch your location to US instead of Malaysia.

I've use Google Assistant to play my Spotify music playlist without need to go and touch the speaker. All I need to say is, "Hey Google, play music" and the magic happen. 

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


Referring on, SONOS MOVE is a speaker that comes with higher tier price. Retail price is RM2,499.00 or RM833.00 x 3 monthly installments.

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove


SONOS MOVE is a versatile speaker that has more flexible benefits due to its better portability since it can go wireless and we can move it around anytime anywhere, and listen to the music through Bluetooth when WIFI is not available. You have less worry on the messy wire from your audio entertainment. One single SONOS MOVE is powerful and loud enough to make the whole space fill with quality audio music. I personally feel that one SONOS MOVE is powerful enough, but it is possible to pair with additional SONOS product, you may check out their FAQ for more info.

I love gadgets that has great design, can suit any corner of your home. So if you're like me, an audiophile that emphasis on both quality audio experience and portability of the sound system that can be control using voice, SONOS MOVE will suits you well. It is a little heavier if compared to other portable speakers but this speaker is definitely a music powerhouse. Furthermore, SONOS MOVE is weatherproof and drop-resistant, with up to 11 hours play back time and auto TruePlay tuning. Who wouldn't want to own it and add it to their home collection?

Do feel free to check out the SONOS MOVE at especially if you are based in Malaysia. I saw they have some good promo from time to time, don't miss it!

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove

If you have any questions regarding the SONOS MOVE, feel free to comment below and let me know. I would test for you and help you out whenever I can =)

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